Pre-sessional Programmes: Introduction and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Loughborough University will be offering the following Pre-sessional Programmes in the summer of 2024:

  • Online Pre-sessional Programme C (11 weeks)
  • Online Pre-sessional Programme D (6 weeks)
  • Campus-based Pre-sessional Programme C (11 weeks)
  • Campus-based Pre-sessional Programme D (6 weeks)

The Pre-sessional 2024 brochure will be available soon. Please see 2023 brochure for reference to basic programme features until then.

Online Pre-sessional Programmes C and D allow you to prepare for your degree programme from the comfort of your own home. Campus-based Pre-sessional Programmes C and D are based on our Loughborough campus.

If you have an offer for a Loughborough University or Loughborough University London degree programme but have not yet achieved the minimum English language requirements, you may be eligible to join one of these courses. If you have met the requirements, you may still apply to join one of the programmes to develop your skills and understanding of UK academic conventions.

The Pre-sessional Programmes aim to help you transition more comfortably to UK academic culture, conventions and expectations.

The primary aim of our Pre-sessional Programmes is to prepare international students for the demands of their programme of study by:

  • Increasing students’ overall level of English language proficiency.
  • Equipping students with the academic English and study skills required to cope with the learning demands of a Loughborough degree programme.
  • Assisting students’ integration into the British social and academic environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I switch from the campus-based programme to the online programme?

We are conscious that there may still some ongoing challenges with global travel.  We very much hope this won’t be a problem for you, but if it is, and you wish to consider switching to the online Pre-sessional Programme, please note the following:

  • If you wish to swap from a campus-based programme to an online programme, you must let us know no later than two weeks before the start of the online programme.
  • If you wish to swap from an online programme to a campus-based programme, you must let us know no later than five weeks before the start of the campus-based programme.
  • There are no late start dates for any of the Pre-sessional Programmes, so you should be able to study from the published start dates.
  • You must pay a CAS or commitment deposit to confirm your place on the programme, whether you are studying online or on campus.  The date by which you should pay the deposit will be outlined in your Pre-sessional email.
  • You will be asked to pay your Pre-sessional tuition fees when you register for your programme.

If you wish to switch to the online Pre-sessional Programme, please let us know.

Can I start on an online programme and then switch to campus-based?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to switch between programmes so think carefully about which would suit you best. Please note, if you register for the campus-based programme and are then unable to attend we are not able to offer an online alternative.

Do all degree programmes have the same English language entry requirements for pre-sessional programmes?

Good question! Not all programmes have the same requirements and in some schools they ask for higher scores. If you want to join a programme in any of the following schools or departments, please check their requirements: Design, Communication and Media; Social Sciences and Humanities; Sport; Exercise and Health Science. Further information can be found on the Pre-sessional course entry requirement page. Please select your suitable level of study for specific school requirements.

Can I study in the UK and do an online pre-sessional?

If you wish to study online you will need to be based in your home country. The University is unable to provide sponsorship for a visa to study in the UK on our online programmes. If you wish to study in the UK, our campus-based programmes might be a suitable option please check entry requirements.

Is accommodation available for the campus-based programme?

Yes, accommodation is available on the Loughborough University campus in one of the student halls. Please see the Accommodation webpage.

If you book accommodation via a private provider, remember to check availability for the full duration of your programme.

When will I be able to get my Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) so I can get my visa?

If you are studying a campus-based programme, your CAS will be issued to you by the relevant Admissions Office handling your application in plenty of time for you to obtain a visa and travel to the UK.  You must have paid your CAS or commitment deposit first. 

If you are studying an online programme, a CAS for your degree will be issued when you have successfully passed the programme and your grades have been approved by a Programme Board. You must also have met all other conditions of your offer and provided evidence of this to the Admissions Office handling your application.  CAS will be issued to students from 2nd September. This should allow enough time for you to obtain your visa and travel to the UK for the start of term. We cannot issue a CAS earlier than 2nd September 2024 for online programmes.

If you are studying a campus-based pre-sessional programme and are issued with a CAS to cover your pre-sessional studies only, a CAS for your degree will be issued to you once you have successfully completed your pre-sessional programme.

For campus-based programmes, your CAS will be issued once you have paid your CAS deposit and the payment has been confirmed by Flywire. If the start date of the Pre-sessional Programme is more than three months away, your CAS will be issued to you nearer the start date.

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