Incident Support

Sometimes things can happen that you may want to report to the University. We are here to support you.

Some of the things you can report include: bullying and harassment, stalking, hate incidents (including racism, homophobia, etc.), safeguarding concerns, sexual violence, concerns about someone’s mental wellbeing (including self-harm and suicide attempts), problematic substance misuse, bike theft, vandalism, room break ins, missing persons, etc.

You can report to the University things that have happened: to yourself, on behalf of another person or things that you have witnessed on campus.

How can the University Support you?

The university offers two different reporting services based on what has occurred and picking the correct way to report something can help make sure the issue is resolved if possible.

All incidents reported to the University will be handled by trained specialist support staff based in the Student Services.

What to do next?

Reporting to Security

University Security offer reporting for all crime-based reporting in conjunction with their connections to the Leicestershire police service.

You should report to Security incident such as:

  • bike theft, vandalism
  • room break-ins
  • assault

You can find further details of how to report to security here.

Reporting Portal

You can use our Reporting Portal to report:

  • Bullying and harassment
  • Hate incidents (including racism, homophobia, etc.)
  • Safeguarding concerns
  • Sexual violence (including stalking)
  • Problematic substance misuse
  • Concerns about someone’s mental wellbeing (including self-harm and suicide attempts)


If you are in an emergency, you should call emergency services on 999 or the campus security emergency number 0800 526966.

If you live in halls on campus you should next call the subwarden duty number so that they can come help.

Finally you need to call campus security to alert them that the emergency services are on their way. Make sure to mention what hall, flat and room you need help in so that they can direct the emergency services to you.

What should I do if I am worried about somebody else?

See our page on ‘How to support an individual effectively’ for details on how to support someone going through something traumatic.

We have some specific guidance available to Parents and Supporters of students

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Last Updated: 10th March 2023