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Interviews are good news – your application has worked! Now review your application and build on the research you have started. Find out what the employer expects during their interview process and prepare and practise answers to typical questions. See the links below for further advice, resources and sample questions.

eCareersGrad: online interview courses

‘Interview Success’ and ‘Master the Commercial & Consulting Case’

Watch video-based answers showing what great (and not so great) interview performance looks like and access model answers and expert advice.  See the tab below to register.


eCareersGrad ‘Interview Success’ and ‘Master the Commercial & Consulting Case’

Loughborough University has partnered with eCareersGrad to provide access to these modular, video-based, interactive eLearning courses.

Register to access the courses here

Interview Success:

  • 30+ video-based candidate example answers for popular sectors including consulting, banking, finance, law, policy and the public sector
  • 10+ recruiter answer scoring guides and illustrated answer structures for introductory, motivation, competency, strength-based (and weakness) and scenario questions
  • Spotlights on anticipating potential questions, dealing with video interviews and what to ask the interviewer.
  • Watch an introductory video here

Master the Consulting Case:

  • 15+ video-based candidate answers showing what good looks like (and doesn’t) for key case scenarios including market sizing, market entry, revenue growth and more…
  • recruiter answer scoring guides and illustrated answer structures for handling the case introduction, issues analysis and dealing with the numbers
  • Spotlights on how to use case ‘frameworks’, essential financial concepts and mastering note-taking.  Practice (partner) cases with model answers.
  • Watch an introductory video here

Virtual interview tools

Careers Network has teamed up with Graduates First to provide you with the opportunity to practise and prepare for video interviews. As a Loughborough student you will have access to free video interviews practice, with questions for competency based interviews, strength based interviews and 10 industries (e.g. banking and consultancy). 

Access Graduates First

More online resources

The links below provide interview tips from additional online sources.

Prospects - Interview tips

Targetjobs - Tricky job interview questions ... and more

Milkround - Interviews

Network Rail - How to ace your interview

Brian Vander Waal - 109 Job Interview Tips. How to do well in an interview

Brian Vander Waal - 63 Best quality questions to ask at the end of an interview

City Disabilities - How to Succeed at Interview when Discussing your Disability

Don’t forget to look at company websites as many will have a page giving interview tips specific to their own organisation and roles. 

For further information and advice, head over to our Careers Network Learn Module CA007, to see examples, checklists and top tips, and to access our interactive online course Excel in Employer Selection Processes.