Advertising terms and conditions

Adherence to the terms and conditions of services is compulsory for all landlords advertising on Studentpad with Loughborough University Student Accommodation Centre.

Adverts are for tenancies for the upcoming academic year only. Availability for future academic years can only promoted from 1 November in the year proceeding.

All properties must meet at least the standards of the ‘one house’ property standard as detailed in the Loughborough University Property House Grading guide.

All landlords must be independently accredited by DASH Landlord Accreditation. New Landlords will be required to register with DASH and be able to demonstrate that they are working towards full accreditation.

Landlords can only advertise properties that they have ownership of or legal responsibility for and any advertised properties must be registered with DASH (not appropriate for purpose built or private halls of residence, but accreditation with ANUK is accepted as an alternative).

Payment for advertisements must be made in accordance with the Loughborough University schedule of charges prior to any adverts appearing on the website.

A copy of the current Gas Safe landlord gas safety certificate, if applicable, must be submitted before any property can be advertised.

A copy of the current EICR electrical inspection condition report must be submitted before any property can be advertised.

If the property requires a licence then a copy of the licence or proof that an application has been submitted and is being processed should be provided.

The current Energy Performance Certificate Reference Number must be provided before any property can be advertised. The property must have a minimum E rating.

Please note that if any of the above documentation expires during an advertising period, then any advert for the property will be taken down from the website automatically until such time as the current certification is supplied to the Student Accommodation Centre, irrespective of the expiry of the advertising period. You will be sent automatic alerts to your landlords' portal directly from Studentpad 21 days before the certificates are due to expire.

All adverts are accepted at the discretion of Loughborough University Student Accommodation Centre.

Information provided on all adverts must be honest and correct at all times.

Unless you log into your control panel, you will have to advise Loughborough University of any changes to your adverts or properties.

In order to maintain the integrity of the advertising list, landlords should either log into their control panel to change the status of the property to let, or request the Student Accommodation Centre to do so by e-mail.  Failure to do so could put future registrations at risk.

If a landlord is suspected of registering a smaller number of properties in order to promote a wider portfolio, Loughborough University will suspend their advertisements with immediate effect.

Landlords or management agents must not approach students or display any unauthorised publicity material anywhere on the University Campus, either in person or via a third party.  Any such behaviour will result in the withdrawal of registration with immediate effect.

Loughborough University accepts no liability whatsoever for publishing errors where those errors have been entered via the on-line registration system. It is the responsibility of the landlord to ensure that any property advertisement is displayed correctly.

Under no circumstances will Loughborough University be held liable for any consequential or indirect damage or loss of income incurred by the owner or third party, howsoever caused.

By accepting these terms and conditions you are consenting for us to hold your contact and property details on our database.  This data will only be used for the purposes of contacting you directly about our advertising service and to enable your advert to appear as requested.  We will not hold any data at the end of an advertising year without your specific consent.

Further information and guidance on the University’s approach to personal information can be found at the University’s Information Governance web pages.

Service standards

You can expect Loughborough University to: 

  • offer you a professional and informative service
  • offer support if you have problems with tenant behaviour
  • offer advice should you have problems with the collection of rent
  • allow you access to Studentpad to maintain an accurate record of your property or make changes in line with your written instructions
  • do our utmost to encourage all students to use the Student Accommodation Centre for their housing needs
  • promote your property as ‘University approved’ to all students
  • explain all our safety requirements and how our service is operated
  • discuss the overall trends of the student housing market as based on our experience and information available within the University
  • retain the necessary documents to ensure the property maintains the prescribed standards

We expect you to: 

  • manage the property effectively
  • have the necessary planning consent and/or consent from your lender to be able to let the property as a house in multiple occupation and be able to produce evidence of such if required
  • comply with government laws for rented properties and comply with specific area local authority licencing requirements
  • take responsibility for all Right to Right checks and any referencing checks you require
  • not charge students a fee for signing a contract for your property
  • only introduce tenants who have applied through the Studentpad website to properties that have been graded and advertised by us
  • clearly explain the implications of the signed contract, including the length of tenancy and any liabilities - tenants must be given a copy of their signed agreement
  • ensure that the property is clean and ready for the tenant to move into on the start date of the Tenancy Agreement, whether a discounted summer rent or full rent is being charged
  • provide an inventory for students to check at the start of the tenancy and to confirm the condition of the accommodation at the end of tenancy
  • ensure that all properties are habitable, free from category 1 hazards according to the housing health and safety rating system (HHSRS) which includes having the appropriate level of fire safety present upon the commencement of a tenancy
  • ensure that all documents, tenancy details and the necessary safety certificates are stored as legally required
  • consider, if possible, releasing a tenant from a contract if they have left University
  • consider, if possible, releasing a tenant from a contract subject to a replacement tenant signing a new Tenancy Agreement
  • liaise closely with tenants regarding any work which needs to be carried out during the tenancy and obtain their prior approval/agreement  
  • enter the accommodation only after having provided at least 24 hours’ notice, preferably in writing, except in the case of an emergency
  • attend to all reported problems promptly; within 24 hours in an emergency, or within a maximum of 7 days for more routine problems. If a problem cannot be resolved within this period, tenants should be given a date by which the work will be completed
  • endeavour to deal with any anti-social behaviour by your tenants that causes a nuisance for other tenants or neighbours
  • ensure all deposits collected comply with the Government Tenancy Deposit Protection schemes
  • remove adverts from Studentpad promptly when rooms have been let
  • ensure the Student Accommodation Centre always have the Landlord’s current contact details
  • not discriminate against any student group or individuals, either directly or indirectly on the grounds of gender, race, colour, disability, religion, age, occupation, marital status or sexual orientation
  • ensure that the Student Accommodation Centre is always provided with up-to-date safety certificates - the advert will automatically cease once the date of the certificate has ceased
  • accept responsibility for reasonable cleaning at the end of the tenancy and make an allowance for fair wear and tear
  • return deposits within one month of tenant(s) vacating the property or the tenancy agreement terminating or expiring - any deductions from the damage deposit should be fully explained to the tenant and supported by documentation i.e. contractor invoices