New to advertising with us

If you are advertising with us for the first time, there is a one-off inspection fee of £130.00 per property. Please contact us to arrange an inspection.

We have listened to student feedback and identified their priorities when looking for accommodation. Our property grading guide reflects these priorities and identifies properties that provide additional facilities over and above the already high standards expected. All properties must meet the standard of the 'one house' grade. Grading does not apply to Private Halls.

In order to access the Studentpad control site you will be asked to confirm your acceptance of Studentpad's Terms and Conditions. Once you have created your account, you will be required to accept Loughborough University's terms and conditions of service.

You will be required to input your landlord details including your DASH registration number and accreditation status (as per our terms and conditions). Your next step will be to add your contact details. These will default to a 'standard contact' which can be used for us to contact you and will also appear on your advert. If you prefer different information to appear on your advert, please create an additional 'website contact'.

You will then need to complete the property details - please ensure that all the relevant fields are completed. You will also need to supply at least one photograph for the website. The website has the facility to hold numerous photographs and these may be uploaded directly or emailed to us to update. You also have the facility to upload copies of your gas and electrical safety certificates. You will then be able to create the advert section which contains the more variable information about the property including the period that the advert will run.

Once your property advertisements have been updated, you will need to forward payment as per the schedule of charges. If you have not uploaded your gas and electrical certificates, you will need to supply these to us. These may be scanned and emailed to us if you would prefer. You will be issued with a receipt for your payment and a grading certificate which may be displayed in your property.