News from 2023

Simone Varriale published the monograph Coloniality and Meritocracy in Unequal EU Migrations with Bristol University Press. The book explores the impact of intersecting inequalities on post-2008 Italian emigration, drawing on interviews with working and middle class, white and Black Italian migrants in the UK.

We are very pleased to welcome five new LUNN members:

  • Marcus Collins (Research interests: public attitudes to imperialism, decolonisation, migration, ‘race’ relations and Americanisation in twentieth-century Britain),
  • Sam Edwards (Research interests: intersections of war, memory, commemoration, nationalism and transatlantic relations),
  • Anastasiya Pshenychnykh (Research interests: digital memory wars, contested heritage, national identity, Ukraine, Russia, the EU),
  • Varun Uberoi (Research interests: multiculturalism, nationalism, national identity and political theory) and
  • Simone Varriale (Research interests: intersections of race, class, migration and nation).

Alan Bairner edited a special issue of National Identities on Sport and Nationalism (Vol 25, Issue 4, 2023). Great to see that among the contributors are some Loughborough University graduates: Stuart Whigham (MSc Sociology of Sport, PhD); Priyansh (MSc Sociology of Sport); Gyozo Molnar (PhD); 

Peizi Han (MSc Sport Management, PhD). In addition Ying Chiang spent six months at Loughborough while studying for her PhD at National Taiwan Sport University.

On 3-5 April 2023, LUNN hosted the 2023 annual conference of the Association for the Study of Ethnicity and Nationalism (ASEN).

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News from 2022

Marco Antonsich has been awarded a British Academy/Leverhulme small grant for the project entitled "Beyond the white nation: Exploring the nexus between race and nation among Black Italians in the Uk" (2022-2023).

Two LUNN colleagues have featured prominently at the ASEN 2022 annual conference in Antwerp: Sabina Mihelj has offered the biennial Anthony D. Smith lecture and Michael Skey one of the three keynotes.

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