News from 2019 and 2018

News from 2019

IAS nation theme. Dr Marco Antonsich will lead on a series of events on 'nation' as part of the 2019 semester programme of the Institute of Advanced Studies  at Loughborough University.

News from 2018

Post-doc: Dr César Jiménez-Martínez (London School of Economics) is to join Loughborough University in October 2018 as a ESRC Postdoctoral Fellow, working with Professor Sabina Mihelj on a project entitled “Communicating the Nation in Troubled Times: From the Brazilian June Journeys to Post-Brexit Britain”

Funding: our PGR members Leila Wilmers (Geography), Peny Sotiropoulou (Geography), and Cuomu Zhaxi (Social Sciences) have been awarded £300 from the Graduate School Research Culture Fund to support the organisation of a LUNN PGR conference entitled ‘Nations and Nationalisms: Theories, Practices and Methods´ (12-13 September 2018). They have also secured match funding of another £300 for this event from the School of Social, Political and Geographical Sciences.