Dr Sven Hoekstra

IAS Open Programme

University of Texas, San Antonio (US)

My research expertise is focussed on low-cost and accessible interventions to promote cardiometabolic health in persons with SCI. These include a variety of upper-body exercise modalities, but also heat therapy and neuromuscular electrical stimulation. Following completion of a PhD at the Peter Harrison Centre for Disability Sport at Loughborough University, I have conducted Postdoctoral work at Loughborough University and Wakayama Medical University (Japan).

In these positions I have obtained experience in a range of laboratory techniques (e.g. flow cytometry, ELISA, immunohistochemistry), have published 21 scientific papers and have established collaborations with scientific and clinical partners. Examples of partnerships with particular significance for Loughborough University are the Royal Princess Spinal Injury Centre in Sheffield, Prof. Tajima at Wakayama Medical University (Japan), Dr Sonja de Groot at VU University (The Netherlands) and Prof. Maureen MacDonald at McMaster University (Canada). From the 1st of July, I will hold a Postdoctoral position at the University of Texas (US), funded by the NIH Veteran Affairs, to investigate the effect of heat therapy on cardiometabolic health in persons with SCI.

During their IAS Fellowship, Dr Hoekstra is collaborating with Professor Vicky Tolfrey from the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences.

IAS Research Seminar