Dr Yoel Asseraf

headshot of IAS Fellow Yoel Asseraf

IAS Open Programme

Ruppin Academic Center

Dr.Yoel Asseraf (PhD 2014,University of Haifa) is the Head of MBA (Chair) and senior lecturer at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Ruppin Academic Center. In addition, Dr. Asseraf is a research fellow in Haifa University.

Prior to his current appointment he served as the CEO and VP Marketing of several business in Israel and USA. Dr. Asseraf’s research interests focuses on the intersection of strategy and international marketing. Much of his work has been published in high impact academic journals such as the International Marketing Review, International Business Review, European Journal of Marketing, Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing and the Journal of Destination Marketing and Management. In addition to serving as a guest reviewer for top journals such as the Journal of International Marketing and International Marketing Review, Dr. Asseraf currently serves as a member on the editorial boards at the Journal of Global Marketing and the International Journal of Emerging Markets.

During their IAS Fellowship, Dr Asseraf is collaborating with Professor Anne Souchon from the Loughborough Business School.

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