International House

Most IAS events are hosted in International House, from coffee mornings to seminars and presentations.

The home of the IAS is located at the centre of the Loughborough campus, in vicinity of the university library and the IAS flat. International House offers a wide range of spaces where events take place:

  • Reading Room: a friendly and welcoming space with a view on the International House’s patio and garden. Its friendly atmosphere invites fruitful discussions, be it over a cup of tea or lunch.
  • Seminar Room: a space perfectly equipped for in-person and online seminars and presentations. The use of Meeting Owls allows classroom-style interactions between participants present at International House and joining online via the Zoom Webinar format. The Seminar Room’s spacious and flexible layout as well as its connection to the patio makes it the perfect place to celebrate the achievements of the IAS Fellows and hosts.
  • Patio: if the weather allows, this space overlooking the garden of International House can be used to let an inspiring presentation sink in or to run a workshop in a green environment.

Cold and hot beverages for events taking place at International House are prepared in the on-site kitchen. Vegetarian and vegan food options are provided in line with the IAS Green Policy.

International House can be reached easily by walking or cycling from anywhere on campus or by taking the Sprint bus which directly connects the campus with Loughborough town centre and train station. Limited car parking is available nearby at Car Park 4.

Requesting to use International House

There is the opportunity to request space at International House for cognate activity, such as international research and interdisciplinary work, subject to availability. The person making the request must be present on the day and is responsible for returning the space to order and securing it after use. This would also be subject to no other IAS events are using the space at the time, for more details, please download the form below.