Meet the team

Bringing together expertise across the social sciences and humanities as well as business, design and health sciences.

With none of the supervisory teams from a single discipline, we bring radically different methodologies and outlooks.

Together, we provide cutting-edge research insights into digital geographies, digital citizenship and digital communication and media as well as new knowledge about wider digital interfaces, technologies and in/exclusion.

Sarah Mills

Professor Sarah Mills

Professor of Human Geography
Cluster Lead – Digital Communities and Inclusion

Geography and Environment

David Deacon

Professor David Deacon

Professor of Communication and Media Analysis

Communication and Media

Dr Brendan Lawson

Lecturer in Communication and Media

Communication and Media

Dr Thomas Stanton

AXA Research Fund Fellow

Geography and Environment

Sophie Cranston

Dr Sophie Cranston

Senior Lecturer in Human Geography

Geography and Environment

Michelle Richey

Dr Michelle Richey

Senior Lecturer in Technology and Entrepreneurship

Loughborough Business School

Allan Watson

Dr Allan Watson

Reader in Economic Geography

Geography and Environment

Dr Jilly Kay

Senior Lecturer in Communication and Media

Communication and Media

Design and Creative Arts

Dr David Maidment

Senior Lecturer in Psychology

Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences

Adrian Leguina

Dr Adrian Leguina

Senior Lecturer in Quantitative Social Sciences

Criminology, Sociology and Social Policy

Abigail Davis

Professor Abigail Davis

Professor of Practice

Centre for Research in Social Policy