Prevention and treatment of chronic diseases

Testing physical activity and weight management interventions to reduce the risk of non-communicable diseases.

Most of the population are overweight, do not complete enough physical activity each week and sit for long periods every day, which increases the risk of developing non-communicable diseases and dying prematurely. Our focus is to save as many lives as possible through our pioneering world class research.

We are conducting world leading research that is testing health behaviour interventions to prevent and mange diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases and mental illness.

Theme lead

Kajal Gokal

Dr Kajal Gokal

Senior Research Associate (Snacktivity)

Research spotlights


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Weight management in primary care

Sedentary behaviour and unhealthy lifestyle habits

Can a Snacktivity approach to physical activity reduce future risk of disease?

GPs to trial standing desks to encourage physical activity

Three ways behavioural psychology can help you lose weight

  • Snacktivity™ to promote physical activity. Funded by NIHR. Led by Amanda Daley.
  • Integrating physical activity into routine cancer care. Led by Kajal Gokal.
  • The effectiveness of the small change approach for weight management. Led by Henrietta Graham.