International applicants

Ha Chau Hoang

What courses did you study at Loughborough University? 

BSc. Communication and media studies (2012-2015)

M.Res International Crisis Management (2015 - present)

Why did you choose to study at Loughborough?

I choose to come to Loughborough firstly because of its reputation for high quality teaching, researching and studying. Secondly, specifically, for my degree, I have heard fantastic recommendations from friends and my own tutor and that Loughborough has one of the strongest

Communication and Media studies degrees, with acknowledged teachers such as Ms. Liesbet van-Zoonen, Dr. Sabina Miheji and Dr. John Richardson. Finally, I choose Loughborough because its beautiful university campus and supportive Student Union. I feel at home when I visit Loughborough and was so impressed by friendliness from everyone here. That is when I made up my mind.

Why did you choose to study your programme?

I was looking for a degree that would gives me critical thinking skills, understanding of elements of politics, British media systems and options to take modules from other fields within the Social Science department such as criminology, psychology.

How have you found the teaching on your course?

I enjoyed all the guidance and teaching I have received from my teachers. My personal tutor supported me constantly throughout three years of my degree. Individual feedback is also provided when coursework is returned, so that we know how to improve and do better in the future. The facility where we are taught are also suitable organised. Overall, I found that I received a high quality education with useful feedback, constant guidance and challenging course works.

Kelsie on her graduation day for BSc. Media and Communication, July 2015 Kelsie on her graduation day for BSc. Media and Communication, July 2015

What sort of help and support did you recieve to help you adjust to living and studying in the UK?

I am particularly impressed with the amount of support I received from the career centre, student support and international office. I came to career adviser to ask for help with constructing CVs and learning skills that make me highly employable once I graduate. I also find workshops that career and employability centre arranged are very useful and it has undoubtedly provided me with lots of transferable skills such as giving presentations, interviewing or performing in selection day Student support is another source of support that I seek for whenever I have problem with my personal life. They consult from the smallest problem such as where I can have medical care, by a bike, open a bank account to more serious issues such as applying for visa, buying car or dealing with my uncooperative landlord. International office has also been a good source of support for me when I am here in Loughborough. They are always in touch throughout the year for special events such as International day, any opportunity for international student to get involved.

How have you found the student experience at Loughborough? What have you been involved in outside of your degree?

It was fantastic. I cannot give enough praise for how much getting involved with student union and Loughborough Sport has transformed my student experience. Since I volunteer with Loughborough Sport in multiple events and consequently, become key committee member for a recreational sport programme, I have made great friends (I met my best friend while volunteering!) and obtained many amazing experience, as well as gaining skills such as administrative, organisational and project management. My confidence has improved marginally since I took part in extracurricular activities All in all, I would rate my student experience 100/10!

What do you hope to do when you graudate? How will your Loughborough degree help with this?

I am currently doing my master in Loughborough. So far, I enjoyed it very much. This research programme is outstanding in teaching quality and learning. I hope to work in international organisations and non governmental establishments that help people with their lives or shaping the younger generation’s skills. My experience in working with younger people while working with International office and Loughborough Sport has triggered me in doing so. I believe that all of the experience that I gained while studying and living in Loughborough would definitely make me stand out out the crowd. 

What would you say to anyone considering coming to study at Loughborough? 

Do you research and choose the right programme. Get yourself out there while in university, YOU create the best student experience, not the university itself. They only give you opportunity. So use it wisely and I promise you, you will have the best time of your life.