Faith and spirituality

Faith and spirituality are important for many of our students. It's precisely for this reason why we provide you with the space and opportunity to explore and express your faith and spirituality. We do this by providing the necessary facilities in a safe and respectful environment.

Centre for Faith and Spirituality

Our Centre for Faith and Spirituality (CFS) provides a safe place where students are welcomed to reflect, explore and express their faith and spirituality. Facilities include a Chapel, Muslim Prayer Rooms, a Quiet Room and an ‘Oasis’ space to meet and chat. The Centre also has a number of Chaplains from different faith backgrounds who are there to listen and provide support.

Faith, culture and nation based groups and societies

There are a number of faith based groups within the university, and within the student body in particular. These are run through different platforms: some through the Centre for Faith and Spirituality, some through the Loughborough Students Union, and some informally.

There are also a number of Student Run Religious Groups, many through the Students Union. These include Loughborough Christian UnionLoughborough Chinese Christian FellowshipLSU Catholic SocietyLSU Islamic SocietyLSU Jewish Society  , and the LSU Sikh Society. All of these societies meet regularly and offer students the opportunity to practice their religion together, as well as providing support and organising social activities.    

Exploring your faith and spirituality in London

If you're planning on studying at our London campus, you'll be pleased to learn that we have a special nondenominational quiet room​ which can be used for those who require a space to express their faith and spirituality on campus. Located on the second floor of campus, the Student Support team can advise you on places of worship off-campus. We also work with faith groups situated close to campus to ensure our students feel part of the community networks of people who share their faith.