International applicants

Funke Elizabeth Dacosta

Why did you choose to study at Loughborough?

Loughborough University is one of the best universities in the United Kingdom. It was rated 13th in UK in 2014 and Mechanical engineering was rated 11th in the same year. It is well recognised for research and has received several awards in that regards. The school is rated as England’s best student experience for six consecutive years and I wanted to experience it too.

How would you describe life at Loughborough to a prospective student?

Loughborough University has adequate teaching aids; software enabled systems, functional visual aids, projectors and internet facilities everywhere on campus. The University library is well equipped for research, reading and seminar. The school provides opportunity to meet people from all over the world. Loughborough University is a very social place to be with friendly people everywhere. The school is a peaceful place with transport facilities around the campus. Nigeria is the second largest international student population here, helping Nigerian students to relate and adapt easily.

Samuel Adema

Why did you choose Loughborough University?

I found, through personal research, that the University had a very impressive reputation. I had also followed the research work in the department of Computer Science and saw that a lot of ground breaking research was going on here. I was really impressed and wanted to be part of this kind of activity.

How would you best describe life at Loughborough to a prospective student?

This is a great place to study. Learning under world-class researchers in Science and Engineering has been very rewarding.  Every module I have taken here has had an extensive practical component where I get the chance to gain hands-on experience on the things I learn in class. The learning facilities are state-of-the-art. Working with people from so many other parts of the world has been interesting as well.

Loughborough University has a very vibrant social atmosphere. There are lots of activities to engage in. The students are lively and bubbly.

For someone who wants a really satisfying academic experience in a peaceful and beautiful environment, Loughborough is the place to be.

Busayo Olarinde

Busayo studies BSc. Accounting and Financial Management here at Loughborough after having completed her International Foundation Year at the university too. Below, she shares why she chose Loughborough and how she has found settling in to university life.

As part of her degree, she has also completed a work placement year, where she worked as an Internal Audit Analyst at Goldman Sachs in London. You can find out more about her placement experiences here.

Programme / Course (s) studied

Accounting and Financial Management (Bsc)

Why did you choose to come to Loughborough to study?

The support I received from Loughborough International Office while I was at Loughborough College made it easy for me to select my course at the university. I attended a few events at the university and I found everyone friendly. I also chose the university because it is highly ranked for my degree course and it is a campus university.

Why did you choose to study your programme?

I had always been interested in studying Accounting or Economics. I liked the structure of the course in Loughborough and the opportunity to undertake a placement as a part of my degree.

How have you found the teaching on your course?

I have found the lecturers to be very approachable and also willing to provide support.

What sort of support and help did you receive to help you adjust to living and studying in the UK?

The International office organised an orientation evening for international students. As I was under 18 years old I was assigned an additional personal tutor who was responsible for my welfare and who I could speak to about any difficulties. The fresher helpers in my accommodation also gave me general guidance about my hall and the location of different things on campus.

How have you found the student experience at Loughborough? What have you been involved in outside of your degree?

Great! I work as a student ambassador for both the university and the business school. As a member of the Consulting society I volunteered to provide social media training to a small company in Loughborough. I am also Loughborough’s Alumni and Employability Vice Chair.

What do you hope to do when you graduate? How will your Loughborough experience help with this?

I hope to become an Internal Auditor. I believe that the knowledge and experience I gain in Loughborough and on my placement would help me achieve this.

What do you enjoy most about your time at Loughborough?

I’ll say being a student ambassador as I get to meet and work with people from different culture and backgrounds. I also particularly enjoy working with the high school students and sharing my student experience with them. I enjoy planning events with my committee. I love the feeling of living on campus.

To anyone considering Loughborough for their degree, I say:

Go for it! Loughborough offers a lot of opportunities so get involved and don’t be afraid to try new things. What you put in determines what you get out.

Iniobong James Ikpeh

Programme / Course (s) studied

Ph.D. Civil & Building Engineering (Research focus on Water Resources in WEDC)

Year of Study

2nd Year

Why did you choose to come to Loughborough to study?

I wanted a supervisor who is interested in the area of research I was interested in, and I found one here at Loughborough. I later discovered Loughborough has a WEDC research group with specific interest on issues of water resources in developing countries. This specific focus made me choose Loughborough University.

Why did you choose to study your programme?

I wanted to continue from the interest I developed from my undergraduate studies, blending that with challenges in developing countries, that research would contribute to bring solutions.

How have you found the teaching on your course?

I don’t necessarily have teaching modules but as a research student, I have numerous training modules to choose from and improve my research skills.

What sort of support and help did you receive to help you adjust to living and studying in the UK?

I got all the help I needed from the Research Student Office in regards to my application and before arrival at Loughborough. They did an excellent job to get me here. 

On arrival, I was supported to get the accommodation I needed, and the Student Advice Centre has been helpful in finding solutions to any challenge I have while studying.

I have also benefited from seminars organised by School of Civil and Building Engineering, as well as the Doctoral College.

The Careers fairs hosted on campus, has alerted me to opportunities available to me as a student of Loughborough University.

How have you found the student experience at Loughborough? What have you been involved in outside of your degree?

Indeed, it has been a life-long learning experience for me to study at Loughborough University. The facilities and learning support has been excellent, no wonder Loughborough keeps its rating for Best Student Experience in the UK.

I have been a Student Ambassador for the Student Recruitment, Marketing and Admissions Team at Loughborough University where I have had opportunities to guide campus tours, take part in telephone campaigns to encourage other prospective students to join me here at Loughborough. I supplement my income with payments I receive while gaining valuable skills.

Also, I have been involved in the Coaching and Volunteers Academy at Loughborough Sports with the latest being my participation as a volunteer in the UK School games 2016.

I am a member of Hub Committee at School of Civil & Building Engineering.

In addition to these, I have participated in the Loughborough Students Union Action Week 2016 where I joined other volunteers to raise money for Charity to repair a house in the UK whose roof was blown away by strong winds.

What do you hope to do when you graduate? How will your Loughborough experience help with this?

I hope to be involved in policy and administrative roles in the water sector to contribute to delivering safe water for use in domestic or industrial settings. I will also impart knowledge gained in Loughborough in an institution of higher learning as a tutor. I hope to utilize the industrial partnerships at Loughborough University to support my future prospects. Also, the tutorial method at Loughborough University supports all learning styles, and I hope to apply these in future.

What do you enjoy most about your time at Loughborough?

I have enjoyed the culture of support in the University. At every area of student life, the university is set up to support your learning. This is as unique to me as an international student.

To anyone considering Loughborough for their degree, I say:

I will inform any prospective student that Loughborough is the place to nurse his/her ambition to reality. Furthermore, Loughborough University’s campus has facilities to support you in any area you might be interested.

Any prospective student needs to look up the numerous awards earned by the University, and the continuous drive towards excellence by maintaining top positions in national university rankings.

Lastly, students from over 100 countries are experiencing a unique time of their lives here at Loughborough University, you will be glad to choose Loughborough.

Anything else you would like included:

I have found that the support to students here at Loughborough is unique and far different from my previous experience at another university in the UK. Everything is set up to support students to learn and be prepared for life after graduation.

Current student Olumide also shares his experience of being a Loughborough University Student Ambassador.

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Loughborough alumni Laju now works for Morgan Stanley.

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Isaac Ijeh

After graduating from Covenant University, China, Isaac studied Enterprise and Innovation Management on a 90% Dean's Award for Enterprise scholarship.

Isaac decided to pursue further study having worked in a student recruitment agency.

What were you doing before you joined Loughborough?

I worked for a student recruitment agency providing advisory and support services to Nigerian students seeking overseas study. I joined Loughborough University London because it was the right course in the right location.

Has Loughborough University London inspired you and helped you to progress in your career?

Yes, and in a lot of ways actually. The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management course not only supported with developing my business and entrepreneurial skills but it also helped me achieve major progress in my business – generating funds, constructing plans and developing innovative strategies.

The careers and employability sessions at Loughborough University London not only assisted with developing my employability, but also gave me an insight in seeking and employing the best personnel for my business being a full time entrepreneur.

Would there be one piece of advice that you would give to prospective students looking to study the same course that you did?

Learn as much as you can and remain engaged. Loughborough is a community, continually hosting activities and always seeking results - engagement is what helps you achieve the best and take advantage of the numerous support systems available.

Did you take part in any extra-curricular activities during your studies? If so, how did this impact upon your Loughborough experience?

Yes, definitely. These activities are tailored to impact students in different ways, irrespective of the nature of the activity. For instance, taking part in employability fairs and exhibitions and being able to chat to potential employers gave me the opportunity to understand the business world, what employers sought after and the tricks to getting the right job which all in all guided my path to finding out my perfect career progression.

Also, the social aspect of the extra-curricular activities provided an opportunity to mix with other individuals with diverse experiences and backgrounds providing an all-round learning and enlightening experience. Not only have I made friends for life, I now have potential business partners in different continents and the future would see us involved in business across the globe.


Are there any hidden gems on the campus or in London that you would recommend to future students?

I would have to say there are tonnes of hidden gems on the London campus and they sort of hide in plain sight! The most important and impactful experiences during my time involved my lecturers, guest speakers, all the way down to the support staff and career department. These are gems that have supported me in the course of my programme.

The e-learning resources are another key tool students need to take advantage of. As far as the city (London) is concerned, as with every big city, there are a lot of gems – students need to pay attention enough to find the most suitable and useful one based on their preferences and life situations. For example, to a self-sponsored student like me, the fact that one can easily find a job in London is a real gem and I took advantage of this during my time in London.

How did you fund your studies?

I received the Dean’s Award for Enterprise which was a 90% discount towards my tuition fees.

I saved up the remainder and I worked part-time to pay for my living expenses.

Tell us more about the company you are working for

Silicon Green Educational Services is an international student recruitment and advisory firm recently set up to support Nigerian students seeking overseas study.

The industry is highly competitive but S.G.E.S would be operating on a sustainable business model (carefully applying principles from my course at Loughborough University London) by securing active and healthy partnerships and business relationships with the elite high schools and colleges where these students mostly go abroad for undergraduate studies whilst still open for business to support the mature postgraduate students.

Tell us about your career journey so far

I have a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering with a year and half experience working as an engineer. After that I worked in sales, marketing and student recruitment for 2 and half years before coming over to London for my master's in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management. My decision to pursue further study was after a long period of time in advisory services and assisting students find the right path in their career.

What do you love the most about your job?

I love being able to support students in a more productive way, providing good value for money while delivering a quality service and helping them find the right course, and the right university in the best destination in line with their budget and career aspirations.

However, what I love the most is the fact that I am an entrepreneur working on a couple of ideas all at once. I love creating value in my society and the world at large. In the near future, I hope my businesses would involve a good dose of travel, which is something I always enjoyed doing – now I could get to do it while getting paid!

What does the future hold for you?

The future is definitely bright and promising. Being in the position that I am in with my ideas and detailed plans as well as the support to be expected from Loughborough University, the alumni services as well as the enterprise hub - I am more than confident in the fact that these opportunities and ideas could be actualized and within the next 5 years.

What has been the proudest moment of your career so far?

So far I would say I feel proud to be working on something I love doing and I am proud of the fact that because I am working on a lot of projects this is the most motivated I've ever been in my life. I now have a ‘can do’ attitude and it’s only up from here.

What was your reaction when you found out you received a 90% scholarship?

Excitement beyond explanation! I considered it a vital opportunity to help me meet my personal expectations and meet my career objectives.

What are the benefits of the Dean’s Award?

The opportunity to be a Loughborough student and learn as much as I have, the networks I have had the opportunity to develop over the course of the programme, as well as vital guidance in kicking off my businesses.

What advice would you give to other Dean’s Award applicants?

Have a clear vision with an impact and build the project considering every parameter in order to make it easy for the University to spot how to support such an idea in line with available resources.

Why should others choose Loughborough University London?

Besides the fact that Loughborough sits high within all UK University rankings, it is the best place to study- there is impeccable support, relentless effort to achieve excellence, as well as vibrant academics and faculty. The right question should be “What do you choose if not Loughborough University London?”

What did you enjoy most about your programme?

The applicability of my modules, my lecturers and their support and the diverse backgrounds of students I’ve had the opportunity to work with during the course of my programme. This, coupled with the fact that I lived in London, the business hub of the UK, gathered and harnessed vital experiences that came into play when I kicked off my businesses.

Describe Loughborough University London

1.    Unmatched excellence

2.    Reliable support

3.    Ever-improving reputation