International applicants

Information for students from New Zealand

We love to welcome students from New Zealand onto campus. To study with us, you will need the following entry requirements.

Entry requirements


New Zealand

For students taking the National Certificate in Educational Achievement (NCEA) Level 3 typical offers will be based on overall achievement in the NCEA plus a required number of credits achieved at the next level up. For example, where A Level requirements are ABB, we would normally require a Merit overall with 20 Level 3 credits achieved at Excellence.

Where courses have specific subject requirements, these should be studied at Level 3 within the NCEA. Typically, an overall achievement of Merit or Excellence will be required in these subjects.

English language studied within the above qualification is normally sufficient to meet the university’s minimum entry requirements. Please see the Approved Qualifications table on the English Language page for further details.


We welcome applicants who have studied an undergraduate degree at a New Zealand University. Entry requirements range from B to A+. For more details, view our international qualification equivalences table.