International applicants

Bruneian Student Testimonials

What better way to find out about life at Loughborough than to hear it from our current students:

Hazwan Haini, MSc Banking and Finance at Loughborough University

MSc Banking and Finance at Loughborough University

Nur Azzainaa Hassanuddin

What course are you studying?

MSc Marketing Management

Why did you choose Loughborough University?

First of all, Loughborough is among the top 15 universities in United Kingdom which includes all courses such as business, engineering and sports. Among these universities, Loughborough are one of the top 10 in business and management.

Second reason is because of the employability prospects and reputation of the school, especially in the school of business.

Finally, because of the Brunei society which is active in sports, religious affairs and social welfare of the society. There are also a lot of Bruneian students who studies in Loughborough, hence it gives a Bruneian feels of ‘Kampung Brunei’ which literally means Bruneian Village. Brunei Society also gives the vibe of a close nit family who helps each other and provide a support network.

Why did you choose your course?

The course itself is a very interesting subject that I wish to explore more when I’m studying at your university and gives me the opportunity to learn more about managing people and how to handle a business in an international context. It also teaches me how to deal with people in a professional way. The course provides modules that I am actually interested in.

3 words to describe Loughborough:

Welcoming, Informative, Diverse 

What are your favourite places on campus?

  1. Pilkington Library – a lot of books and computers available for the students who want to work in the library
  2. James France study area – provides a lounge for students where you can relax and chill.
  3. Student Union – there is Starbucks and Pearl.
  4. Edward Herbert Building – Costa Coffee