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Loughborough University

University Governance

Charitable Status

The University is an independent corporation established by Royal Charter. It has the status of an exempt charity and its compliance with its responsibilities as a charitable body are regulated by the Office for Students (www.officeforstudents.org.uk).

Legal Name and Correspondence Address

The legal and preferred name of the institution is Loughborough University.

The address for correspondence is:

Loughborough University
LE11 3TU

Constitutional documents

The University's Royal Charter and Statutes are the documents which establish the University and form the basis of its structure and governance.

Financial statements

The audited financial statements of the University can be found on the Finance Office website:

University Trustees

The names of the members of Council as at 31st January 2019 appear below. Where members are trustees of other charities a link to the details is provided.

Committee Secretary Richard Taylor
Assistant Committee Secretary Chris Carpenter
Ex-Officio Members
The Chancellor Lord Sebastian Coe
The Senior Pro-Chancellor/Chair Sir Peter Bonfield
The Pro-Chancellors

Alan Hughes - Deputy Chair

Ann Greenwood

The Vice-Chancellor Professor Robert Allison
The Honorary Treasurer Alan Hughes
Provost Professor Chris Linton
Appointed Members
Appointed by the Alumni Association Paul Drummond
Appointed by the Students' Union Rahul Mathasing
Rory Pears
Members elected by the Senate
Three members of the Senate, elected by the Senate, of whom not more than two shall be elected members of Senate. Dr Alexandre Zagoskin
Professor Sergey Saveliev
Members elected by the General Assembly
Three members of the academic staff elected by the General Assembly Professor Elenora Belfiore
Professor Marsha Meskimmon
Professor Heike Jons
Other elected members
Two members of staff, other than the academic staff, elected from within their own number. Jane McCormack
Co-opted members
Such other persons of whom not more than two shall be members of the academic or other staff of the University and not exceeding twelve in all as may be co-opted by the Council. John Sinnott
Peter Saraga
Steve Varley
Tony Williams
Jennifer Maxwell-Harris
Paul Hodgkinson
Sally-Ann Hibberd
Jane Tabor
Ann Greenwood


University Committees

Information on meetings and procedings.

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About the University

Find out more about the University, its history and community links.

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