The accountable person for ensuring an EIA is carried out in line with this guidance will be the relevant Dean, Director or Chair of committees under which the policy or procedure falls.

Deans, Directors and Chairs of committees, may, at their discretion, nominate ‘EIA Reviewers’. This role would, in practice, hold delegated responsibility from Deans, Directors and Chairs to provide a deputising function in ensuring that the steps within this guidance have been followed and to provide final sign off on an EIA.

Should Deans, Directors and Chairs of committees wish to delegate to EIA Reviewers, the nominated delegates must engage fully with this guidance and training.

The person or persons responsible for the practical delivery of the area under consideration should conduct the Equality Impact Assessment. This will facilitate nuanced consideration of the work, policy or strategy being assessed. EIA Reviewers are intended to support and guide those undertaking EIAs to complete them in line with this policy.