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Dr Thomas Thurnell-Read BA, MA, PhD University of Warwick

Photo of Dr Thomas Thurnell-Read

Lecturer in Cultural Sociology

Thomas joined Loughborough University in May 2016 having previously been Senior Lecturer in Sociology at Coventry University. He received his PhD in Sociology from the University of Warwick in January 2010 and during that year was also an Early Career Research Fellow at the Institute of Advanced Studies.

Since January 2016 he has been a member of the Editorial Board for the journal Sociology, having previously been an Associate Board member since 2013, and also sits on the Editorial Advisory Board of Leisure Studies and is an Associate Editor of Annals of Tourism Research.

Thomas is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and since 2017 has acted as External Examiner for the MA Consumption, Cultures & Marketing programme at Royal Holloway, University of London.

Thomas has over a decade of experience researching alcohol consumption and drinking culture and is internationally recognised as a leading scholar of sociological approaches to the study of alcohol, drinking and drunkenness. He is the editor of Drinking Dilemmas: Space, culture and identity (Routledge, 2015), is a founding member of the British Sociological Association’s Alcohol Study Group and has presented his research to diverse audiences in the UK, Denmark, Portugal, France, Sweden, Japan and Taiwan. He has extensive experience of media engagement and public dissemination and his research has featured in The Observer; The Conversation;; The Morning Advertiser; and on BBC Radio 4’s Thinking Allowed.

Beyond his work on the social and cultural aspects of alcohol, drinking and drunkenness, his other research interests include material culture, the sociology of the body and emotions and qualitative research methods. 

Thomas is convenor of Advanced Research Methods and Consumption Culture and Everyday Life modules and contributes to a wide range of other modules within the School of Social Sciences at both Undergraduate and Postgraduate level including Introduction to Research Methods; Gender, Sex and Society and Key Debates in Digital Media and Society.


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