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Dr Sarah Cromie BSc (Chemistry); Queens University Belfast, PhD (Chemistry); Loughborough University, MBA; Loughborough University

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University Teacher in Management and Leadership

Visiting and Exchange Student and Co-ordinator

Business and society; CSR; sustainability; ethics; community

I started out life as a chemist with a BSc and PhD in Chemistry. I then went into environmental policy within local government. Moving through a number of roles, I finally ended up as the Head of Change Programme where I led the organisations business planning, corporate planning and programme management function.

From there I moved into the international NGO sector where I coordinated a leadership development programme across Africa and Asia.

During that time I completed my MBA at Loughborough Business School and then I decided to move into academic research.

Along the way I have also carried out various pieces of leadership and management consultancy with a range of small local businesses, to larger public authorities.

I currently lecture on a range of post- and undergraduate programmes on human resource management and responsible business topics.

Along-side lecturing in SBE I also help lead, a student review platform helping to support student decision making.

Research Interests

My research focuses on the role of business in society as conceptualised through the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility.

My research takes a qualitative approach, where I am aiming to understand how CSR is framed and made sense of in the UK.