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Dan Sage (and Catherine Rees) in Inspire article

Dr Dan Sage (with Catherine Rees)

Dan and Catherine on set for an article on their research into gender inequality in the creative professions

Professor Donald Hislop gave an invited talk at the Pensions and Benefits UK Conference held in London on the 27th of June 2018. He delivered his talk on 'The Digital Future: Competing Visions, and it was based on CIPD research looking at potential futures of work due to AI/Robotics'. 

Dr Eva Selenko has been on a research visit with the Research Center for Work Organisations and Wellbeing (WOW) at Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia. Eva has started two new projects, one with Professor Peter Creed on precarious employment and how it affects young people’s work-related identity, and another with Professor Adrian Wilkinson and Dr Paula Mowbray, exploring the effect atypical working conditions have on employee’s voice.  

Dr Sarah Barnard has had a Blog post on the gender pay gap published on www.researchresearch.com - click here to read it.

Claire Fox will be our guest lecture on April 17th for a talk on 'Work-Life Symbiosis: getting the most out of work and life'. Please see the Events page for details.

An evening event on Cyberbullying called Dignity at Work is scheduled for February 19th, co-hosted by the CPWS and the CIPD. To book your place, please visit the Events page. 

Dr Crispin Coombs (Deputy Director, Centre for Information Management), Dr Stanimira Taneva and Dr Sarah Barnard have published the results of a study on AI and automation in the workplace commissioned by the CIPD. The Executive Summary is available online here. The full report will be published on 19th December. 

Professor Donald Hislop is debating at CIPD HQ in Wimbledon (UK) December 19th 2017 on: 'Humans Vs Robots: Who will win the workplace battle?' starting at 1pm. 

Professor Christine Coupland received the 2017 BAM Medal for Research for her prolonger work and research in the field of Identity, at the British Academy of Management's award presentation ceremony on September 5th 2017. See the news item here.

Dr Ciara Kelly presented a paper at the Academy of Management conference in the  USA, full details: Kelly, C., Strauss, K., Arnold, J. (2017) "Work hard, Play hard: Examining the enriching effects of serious leisure on daily work", performance Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Atlanta, USA.

Professor Donald Hislop was chairperson for a of session on The Dynamics of Business Mobilities at The Royal Geographical Society Annual Conference (2017), London, 30th August 2017

Dr Iain Coyne in collaboration with colleagues in Sheffield has set up a network of academics and practitioners (including professional bodies, charities and public sector organisations) to examine and develop evidence-based interventions for workplace bullying. The group is called DRAWING (Dignity and Respect At Work INtervention Group).

Professor Donald Hislop was involved in a conference presentation in Copenhagen in July: Teleworkers’ boundary management strategies: The fluidity of time and space (with Machal Izak, and Stephanie Reissner), EGOS 2017, Copenhagen.

CWOS workshop - Corporate Volunteering – A Panacea for Society’s Needs? Practitioners and CWOS academics recently met up for a half-day workshop to discuss corporate volunteering, its benefits and challenges.

CWOS needed to touch base with the challenges that practitioners working in different organisations involved in corporate volunteering are confronted with on a day-to-day basis. Nine practitioners from different volunteer organisations across England joined us for a half day of lively discussion and mutual input at Loughborough SBE. We left the day with new perspectives, signifying the need for more understanding of the complex interplay of skilled expertise and work in the volunteer sector as well as with a new network to develop research, joint funding bids and mutually supportive partnerships. The foundation for fruitful new research-practice exchange has been laid!

Dr Daniel Sage's future research project looking at gender bias in the theatre industry has been published in The Stage magazine.

Dr Iain Coyne's research on cyberbullying, which was featured on the SBE website here.

Dr Clive Trusson and Dr Donald Hislop: Conferences presentation confirmations:

  • Presenting a paper on "Knowledge Hoarding’: Rhetoric and Reality", at: International Conference on Organizational Knowledge, Learning and Capabilities (OLKC) in Valladolid, Spain, on 26-28 April 2017
  •  Presenting a paper on The contribution of ICTs to the managerialisation of organizational professional work: observations from a study of IT service professionals, at: the 35th International Labour Process Conference, Sheffield, UK, 4-6 April 2017

2-3 November 2015, Inaugural Age-Friendly Universities Conference, Dublin City University Professor John Arnold and Dr Stanimira Taneva presented their paper ‘Hanging or bowling alone? The experience of late career’ at the Inaugural Age-Friendly Universities Conference which brought together over 24 international higher education institutions across four continents to share research and explore collaborative opportunities.

8-10 September 2015, BAM Conference, University of Portsmouth The British Academy of Management (BAM) Conference is one of the largest and most prestigious international events for business and management scholars. Attracting world class researchers from over 50 countries worldwide, the conference provides a friendly, supportive environment to receive feedback, share ideas and find inspiration.

  • Professor Christine Coupland is co-founder of the Special Interest Group on Identity and Track Chair for the Identity conference stream at BAM 2015
  • Dr Stanimira TanevaProfessor John Arnold and Professor Rod Nicolson (University of Sheffield) presented their paper at BAM 2015 Conference, entitled ‘A qualitative analysis of older worker’s perceptions of aging at work’.

7-11 August 2015, Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, Vancouver, Canada Professor John Arnold alongside co-authors Karoline Strauss (ESSEC Business School) and Ciara Kelly (The University of Sheffield) presented their paper and workshop ‘A “serious” perspective on leisure-work enrichment’ at the Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management in Vancouver.

20-23 May 2015, 17th Congress of the European Association of Work and Organisational Psychology (EAWOP), Oslo, Norway Professor John Arnold and Dr Stainmira Taneva presented their paper ‘Designing jobs for late career’ at the 17th annual EWAOP.

14 May 2015, Faith in Research Conference 2015: Everyone counts – Church of England Conference, Birmingham, UK Dr Christine Blackie and Professor John Arnold presented ‘How clergy experience preparing to move jobs in the Church of England’.

31 March 2015, “Becoming, being, learning, knowing: identity issues in management and professional education and development”, Loughborough University. The Centre for Professional Work and Society in conjunction with BAM hosted a workshop at Loughborough. It was attended by over 30 delegates. Donald Hislop was one of the invited speakers and he spoke about the characteristics and challenges of behavioural, cognitive and identity-based learning.

18 March 2015, Research Showcase, Loughborough University The Centre for Professional Work and Society held a Research Showcase which took place at the School of Business and Economics. The event launched 5 new books which have been written by the centre members.

  • Understanding Careers (2nd edition), Kerr Inkson, Nicky Dries and John Arnold, London: Sage. (2014)
  • Work Psychology: Understanding Human Behaviour in the Workplace” (6thedition), Ray Randall, John Arnold et al. Harlow: Pearson. (forthcoming, 2015).
  • How Outer Space Made America: Geography, Organization, the Cosmic Sublime”, Dan Sage Ashgate: Farnham. (2014)  
  • “Professionals under Pressure” Adrian Wilkinson, Maree Boyle, Donald Hislop and Christine Coupland (Editors) Elgar Publishers (forthcoming, 2015)
  • “Finding a Voice at Work? New Perspectives on Employment Relations” Stewart Johnstone and Peter Ackers (Editors) Oxford University Press (2015)

Showcasing the books offered an opportunity to illustrate the breadth of interest and quality of work carried out by the research centre members. Members of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) attended the event. Mike Emmott, CIPD Adviser, Employee Relations provided a key note speech to end the event.

16 March 2015, Work on the Move Workshop, Lancaster University, UK Dr Donald Hislop presented ‘The liminality of Business Travel and Demands for “Constant Connectivity”’ at the Work on the Move: A CeMoRe (Centre for Mobilities Research) workshop.

31 October – 2 November 2014, 7th National Congress of Psychology, Sofia, Bulgaria Dr Stanimira Taneva, Professor John Arnold and Professor Rod Nicholson (University of Sheffield) presented their paper entitled ‘A qualitative analysis of older workers’ perceptions of stereotypes, successful ageing strategies and human resource management practices’.

18-19 September 2014, International Conference on Skills for the Future, Toulouse Business School, France Dr Stanimira Taneva, Professor John Arnold and Professor Rod Nicholson (University of Sheffield) presented their paper entitled ‘Perceptions of the availability and implementation of human resource strategies and practices tailored to the needs of older workers’.

9-11 September 2014, BAM Conference, Belfast Waterfront, Northern Ireland

9-11 July 2014, 11th International Conference on Organisational Discourse: “Terra Firma, Terra Nova, Terra Incognita”, Cardiff University Professor Christine Coupland presented her research at the conference in her paper entitled ‘Organising masculine bodies in rugby league football: Groomed to fail’.

2-5 July 2014, EGOS Consortium Careers Stream, Rotterdam Christine Coupland presented her research entitled ‘The game of (your) life: Professional rugby careers’.

24-26 June 2014, Gender, Work and Organisation Conference, Keele University Dr Dan Sage presented his collaborative research with Dr Catherine Rees (School of Arts, English and Drama, Loughborough University) on the gendering of the UK’s theatre industry and education.

8 April 2014, “BAM Identity SIG Seminar: Professional identities”, Loughborough University The Centre for Professional Work and Society in conjunction with BAM hosted a workshop which included a presentation and discussion by Professor Tony Watson from Nottingham University Business School.

Research Seminars 

Seminars Schedule 2017

Date  Speaker  Location  Title 
22nd February
Professor Ros Searle, Coventry University
BE 2.47 Trust Processes in the Eye of the Storm: How Do We Cope with Salient Vulnerability?
8th March  Professor Penny Dick, University of Sheffield  BE 0.40

Meet the editor: On the experience of publishing in academia 

22nd March  Dr Clive Trusson, Loughborough University  BE 2.47 The contribution of ICTs to the management and control of organizational professional work: observations from a study of IT service professionals'
29th March  CPWS Members Stewart Mason Building  Centre for Professional Work and Society Research Taster Event
24th April
Professor Hans de Witte
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium
BE 2.47 Job insecurity: A challenge of a hindrance stressor?
25th October
Professor Ilke Inceoglu, University of Exeter

Leadership behaviour and employee well-being: A review

1st November
Dr Sarah Brooks,Institute of Work Psychology, University of Sheffield

Researching Voice and Silence in the UK Police Service

29th November

Professor Peter Ackers, Visiting Professor SBE & SPGS and Adjunct Professor, Griffith University


Life-writing as Historical Social Science – putting people back in? Some exploratory thoughts

Claire Fox 
Save The Children International , UK 
BE 0.53 Work-life symbiosis

Past seminars 

  • Work hard, play hard; The influence of serious leisure pursuit on work performance - 22nd November 2016

Ciara Kelly, Loughborough University - BE2.47, Sir Richard Morris Building, School of Business and Economics

  • In search of Employee Voice, Theory and Practice - 9th November 2016

Prof. Adrian Wilkinson, Griffiths University - Brisbane - BE0.53, Sir Richard Morris Building, School of Business and Economics 

  • The meaning of work in times of insecurity. Investigating identity and well-being relevany outcomes - 26th October 2016

Dr Eva Selenko, Loughborough University - BE2.47, Sir Richard Morris Building, School of Business and Economics 

  • 'Running a studio's a silly business': Work and employment in the contemporary recording studio sector - 20th May 2015 

Allan Watson (Staffordshire University), BE2.47, Sir Richard Morris building, School of Business and Economics 

  • Organising the unorganisable? Voices from the bottom up: Researchers and Activists Forum on Precarious Work - 23rd-24th April 2015 

Maurizio Atzeni, BE0.53, Sir Richard Morris building, School of Business and Economics 

  • Proactive behaviour in organisations: Improving the present or changing the future? - 24th March 2015 

Karoline Strauss (Warwick Business School), Room BE2.47, Sir Richard Morris building, School of Business and Economics 

  • Interactions between human capital and client capital and their effect on perceptions of ambidexterity: A polynomial regression analysis - 10th March 2015  

Juani Swart (Bath University) and Yvonne van Rossenburg (BADM, Austria), Room BE2.47, Sir Richard Morris Building, School of Business and Economics

  • Regulating for work-life balance: The right to request for flexible working and the challenges posted by ICTs - 26th February 2015

Dr. Emily Rose (Strathclyde University), Room BE2.47, Sir Richard Morris building, School of Business and Economics

  • Evaluating the effects of organisational intervention: Understanding how and why they work - 11th February 2015

Prof. Karina Neilson (University of East Anglia), Room HE0.23, Clyde Williams building, Loughborough University 

  • The journey towards professional fulfillment: The role of personal values and subjective goal achievement evaluation - 3rd February 2015

Ligia Silva (University of Brasilia)                                                                                                                                                         

  • The career of IT professionals - 5th December 2014 

Martin Gubler (Schwyz University of Teacher Education, Switzerland), Room BE0.40, Sir Richard Morris Building, School of Business and Economics

  • Situating HRM: A practice perspective on HR implementation - 12th November 2014

Dr Juan Lopez-Cotarelo (LSE), Room SMB 102, Stewart Mason building, Loughborough University 

  • Imagining women's careers - 30th October 2014

Prof. Laurie Cohen (University of Nottingham), Room BE0.40, Sir Richard Morris building, School of Business and Economics

  • The Embedded Nature of Leadership, Relationality and Ethics - 19th February 2014
Prof. Ann Cunliffe (Leeds University Business School), Room BE2.47, Sir Richard Morris building, School of Business and Economics
  • Authoethnography

Prof. Mark Learmonth (Durham) & Prof. Mike Humphreys (Nottingham)

  • How Church Ministers Navigate Careers in the Context of Organisational Ambiguity - 26th November 2013

Christine Blackie (PhD Candidate, Loughborough)

  • The Knowledge Brokering Role of the Hybrid Middle Manager: The Case of Healthcare - 15th October 2013

Professor Graeme Currie, Warwick Business School

Literature argues that middle level managers (MLMs) enact a strategic role in public sector organizations, at the same time as there exist calls for their de-layering so that frontline services can be protected. Such calls do not recognise the strategic importance of the hybrid MLM, who crosses professional frontline and managerial domains. Drawing upon the example of their managerial role in healthcare, we highlight the hybrid MLM enacts a strategic knowledge brokering role, and outline contingent factors framing this more strategic role.

  • The British Academy of Management, Special Interest Group on Identity, seminar, ‘Discourse at Work’ - 15th March 2013
  • A Longitudinal Study of Patient & Public Involvement in the NHS - 12th March 2013

Sarah Todd (PhD Candidate, Loughborough)


For information on Seminars contact Donald Hislop (d.hislop@lboro.ac.uk)

Journal Editorships


Dr Eva Selenko successfully won a British Academy/Leverhulme Small Research Grant of £7255 for her project "When does job insecurity threaten our identity? Expansion of a theoretical perspective."

Dan Sage has successfully bid for ESRC funding to study; ‘Making the zero-carbon standard home: Understanding project-firm innovation in UK house building’. The fund is in the region of £515,000. This work is in collaboration with Professor Andrew Dainty (School of Civil and Building Engineering, Loughborough University), Professor Martin Sexton and Dr Libby Schweber (School of Construction Management and Engineering, University of Reading). 

Stanimira Taneva has been awarded a Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowship ‘Thriving in the workplace - supporting people at the age of 55 years and over in satisfying and productive work.’ She is working with John Arnold.

Donald Hislop was Awarded £5500 from the EPSRC’s Beyond Balance Project, to organize a one day seminar in collaboration with Jon Beaverstock (Bristol University) on Business Travel, Mobile ICT use and Work-life Balance

Dr Femidah Munir (School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences), Sarah Barnard and John Arnold were awarded a grant of £110,000 from the Leadership Foundation for longitudinal study of women’s leadership and career development in higher education, April 2015 to March 2019.