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28 Jan 2019

Seminar by Dr Mohamed Sobhy Temerak highlights marketing and business model issues for the Middle East market

Thorsten Gruber and Mohamed Temerak

Consumers of the Middle East have a growing spending power due to the ongoing economic development in countries like UAE and Saudi Arabia. This fact has attracted several multinational companies to this attractive market. However, many of these companies encountered several road blocks due to their lack of understanding of the differences and similarities between consumers in the Middle East and the West. 

Dr Temerak’s seminar titled “"No-One-Size-Fits All: Marketing strategy implications for online and sharing economy companies in the Middle East" identified these road blocks through illustrative case studies of companies such as Otlob.com (i.e., an online food delivery company), UBER and Souq (i.e., Amazon). It concluded with a number of marketing and business model implications.

Dr Mohamed Sobhy Temerak is an Associate Professor of Marketing at Cairo University in Egypt. He is currently visiting the Centre for Service Management as a Visiting Scholar. During his six-month visit, he has been working with several Centre members on research projects in the areas of sports marketing, service encounters and artificial intelligence.

Mohamed's research has been published in prestigious journals such as the Journal of Service Research and Journal of Business Research. His JSR paper received the Best Article Award Finalist of Journal of Service Research in 2012. Mohamed also regularly presents his research at many prestigious conferences such as the American Marketing Association (AMA) Summer and Winter Educator Conferences, European Academy of Marketing (EMAC) and British Academy of Marketing (BAM).

As a market researcher, Mohamed has been actively engaged in several consultancy projects with many companies in Egypt and the Gulf region, across a wide range of industries: construction, pharmaceutical, shopping malls/parks and financial brokerage.