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12 Feb 2018

CSM Director publishes in the Journal of Business Research

Professor Thorsten Gruber

Back in 2016, Professor Thorsten Gruber represented CSM at the 2nd International Network of Service Researchers event, organised by CTF-Service Research Center at Karlstad University. Several articles emerged from this event and were published in the prestigious Journal of Business Research.

Professor Gruber was a co-author for an interesting article that investigated collaborative consumption (CC). CC is an increasingly prevalent form of exchange that occurs within a triangle of actors: a platform provider (e.g., Uber), a peer service provider (e.g., an Uber driver) and a customer. The platform provider's main role is matchmaking, so that a customer can access assets of a peer service provider.

This article had three objectives:

  1. First, this article identified three criteria to delineate CC from related constructs such as access-based consumption, sharing or renting.
  2. Second, it introduced a literature-based framework explicating the roles of the actors in the CC triangle along three dimensions: motives, activities and resources and capabilities.
  3. Third, it highlighted areas for further research, such as the dynamics of CC, context-dependent motives and the emergence of professional (peer) service providers.

The article can be downloaded for free here and here.

Collaborative Consumption slides and a Collaborative Consumption infographic can be found by clicking on the links. 

There is also a YouTube video that explains collaborative consumption or the sharing economy in four minutes!