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16 Oct 2016

Qualitative Data Collection Workshop: A Journey from our Experience

Higor Leite

On October 13th and 14th, CSM PhD students Karen Maher and Higor Leite, co-organised with Jade Brooks and Gaby Wolferink, a two day workshop for SBE PhD students on Qualitative Research Methods entitled ‘A journey from our experience’. The workshop offered practical advice for first and second year PhD students who expected to carry out qualitative data collection.

As part of the workshop, students went step by step through the main activities involved in the process of data collection. A number of the activities addressed were ethics clearance, pilot studies, interview pitfalls and traps to avoid as well as how to store and organise data.

The second day was designed to tackle the life after data collection, specifically what to do with the data collected. In terms of data analysis Karen Maher shared her experience using thematic approach to analyze the data collected.

Co-organiser, Higor Leite, commented on the sucess of the workshop saying:

It was such a great opportunity to support students in the early stage of the data collection, we expect that our experience and 'mistakes' help them to make the most of this important step of their PhD.