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2 Sep 2015

First-ever Symposium on Health and Social Care Service Innovation

Photo of a medical doctor for the CSM Symposium

1st European Health and Social Care Service Innovation Symposium
Friday, 11th September 2015,  10.00am – 5.30pm

Across Europe, health and social care are facing major challenges. For example, the proportion of elderly people is growing with urgent needs of specialist care as well as primary care. Further, chronic lifestyle related diseases and mental illnesses among the young and able-bodied are increasing as well. These and other challenges drive costs throughout Europe, and indicate a strong need for service innovations that can improve the efficiency of health and social care towards positive health economic values and ethically acceptable patient-centred models. The complexity and interconnectedness of these societal challenges also make trans-disciplinary collaborations mandatory as no subject discipline can solve these pressing problems on its own.

Enlarging on this important topic, renowned researchers from across Europe who have a strong reputation in the service field will share their views at the 1st European Health and Social Care Service Innovation Symposium before discussing and debating with the audience. This promises to be a lively and thought-provoking event with contributions from many aspects of contemporary service research.