Helping Engineers Learn Mathematics Workbooks (HELM)

HELM (Helping Engineers Learn Mathematics) Workbooks have been developed to assist engineering students learn the mathematics and statistics that they will need at university.

There are 50 workbooks in total. They cover the basic engineering mathematics and statistics teaching for first and second year students in a typical UK undergraduate engineering course.

A significant effort has been made to ensure that the Workbooks are student focused and contain examples of engineering applications of the mathematics and statistics.

  • Workbooks 1 - 34 contain mathematics material for engineering undergraduates.
  • Workbooks 35 - 46 contain probability and statistics material for engineering undergraduates.
  • Workbook 47 contains a miscellany of Mathematics and Physics related problems, including dimensional analysis.
  • Workbook 48 contains 20 in depth Engineering Case Studies.
  • Workbook 49 is a Student's Guide.
  • Workbook 50 is a Tutor's Guide.

You can download the workbook you require by following the link below.

HELM 1: Basic Algebra

HELM 2: Basic Functions

HELM 3: Equations, Inequalities and Partial Fractions

HELM 4: Trigonometry

HELM 5: Functions and Modelling

HELM 6: Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

HELM 7: Matrices

HELM 8: Matrix Solution of Equations

HELM 9: Vectors

HELM 10: Complex Numbers

HELM 11: Differentiation

HELM 12: Applications of Differentiation

HELM 13: Integration

HELM 14: Applications of Integration 1

HELM 15: Applications of Integration 2

HELM 16: Sequences and Series

HELM 17: Conics and Polar Coordinates

HELM 18: Functions of Several Variables

HELM 19: Differential Equations

HELM 20: Laplace Transforms

HELM 21: z-Transforms

HELM 22: Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors

HELM 23: Fourier Series

HELM 24: Fourier Transforms

HELM 25: Partial Differential Equations

HELM 26: Functions of a Complex Variable

HELM 27: Multiple Integration

‌‌HELM 28: Differential Vector Calculus

HELM 29: Integral Vector Calculus

HELM 30: Introduction to Numerical Methods

HELM 31: Numerical Methods of Approximation

HELM 32: Numerical Initial Value Problems

HELM 33: Numerical Boundary Value Problems

HELM 34: Modelling Motion

HELM 35: Sets and Probability

HELM 36: Descriptive Statistics

HELM 37: Discrete Probability Distributions

HELM 38: Continuous Probability Distributions

HELM 39: The Normal Distribution

HELM 40: Sampling Distributions and Estimation

HELM 41: Hypothesis Testing

HELM 42: Goodness of Fit and Contingency Tables

HELM 43: Regression and Correlation

HELM 44: Analysis of Variance

HELM 45: Non-parametric Statistics

HELM 46: Reliability and Quality Control

HELM 47: Mathematics and Physics Miscellany

HELM 48: Engineering Case Studies

HELM 49: Student's Guide

HELM 50: Tutor's Guide

Some of the HELM workbooks are also available as interactive content, where you can solve the practice questions online and receive automatic feedback on your answers.

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