Helping Engineers Learn Mathematics Workbooks (HELM)

HELM (Helping Engineers Learn Mathematics) Workbooks have been developed to assist engineering students learn the mathematics and statistics that they will need at university.

There are 50 workbooks in total. They cover the basic engineering mathematics and statistics teaching for first and second year students in a typical UK udergraduate engineering course.

A significant effort has been made to ensure that the Workbooks are student focussed and contain examples of engineering applications of the mathematics and statistics.

  • Workbooks 1 - 34 contain mathematics material for engineering undergraduates.
  • Workbooks 35 - 46 contain probability and statistics material for engineering undergraduates.
  • Workbook 47 contains a miscellany of Mathematics and Physics related problems, including dimensional analysis.
  • Workbook 48 contains 20 in depth Engineering Case Studies.
  • Workbook 49 is a Student's Guide.
  • Workbook 50 is a Tutor's Guide.

 You can download the workbook you require by following the link below.

Some of the HELM workbooks are also available as interactive content, where you can solve the practice questions online and receive automatic feedback on your answers.

Click the button below to access the interactive HELM workbooks on learn (enrollment key: HELM2020).