Student testimonials

The Mathematics Learning Support Centre (MLSC) provides award-winning mathematics and statistics support. Our services are available free to every Loughborough student and will benefit all who have any mathematics or statistics in their course, at any level.

The MLSC provides one-to-one drop-in sessions with experienced Mathematics and Statistics Tutors, complemented by a full programme of remote support on MS Teams, as well as study spaces, library resources, computers and workbooks.

Our students tell you more about the service and the support they received.

The MLSC is for Everyone

The quotes below were from students visiting the drop-in centre recently. The case studies that follow, focus on Mathematical Sciences students - but remember, The MLSC is for Everyone! 

Very helpful and nice atmosphere to study, no judgement which is nice!

Safa was extremely helpful and informative. She was very good at talking us through different steps on SPSS and I feel a lot more confident

Extremely useful and friendly environment that has allowed for consolidation and confidence building with my maths