Employers' numeracy tests

Many employers now require potential employees to take a numeracy test as part of the recruitment process.

The Schofield Building Mathematics Learning Support Centre has books and practice tests available – please ask the receptionist if you would like to use these. You might also be interested in the further information listed below.

Careers Network also has further information about employer tests.

Numeracy Skills for Employability and the Workplace MOOC

Loughborough University has developed a MOOC on Future Learn about Numeracy Skills for Employability and the Workplace. More information can be found on LEARN 

Practice numeracy tests and solutions

Numeracy test books

  • How to Pass Numeracy Tests, Tolley & Thomas, publ, Kogan Page, 1996. ISBN 0 7494 1839 7
  • Improve Your Maths, Bancroft & Fletcher, publ. Longman, 1998 ISBN 0 2013 3130 6
  • Practice Psychometric Tests: How To Familiarise Yourself With Genuine Recruitment Tests And Get The Job You Want, Shavick, publ, How To Books Ltd, 2005, ISBN 1 85703 978 5
  • Graduate Pyschometric Tests: Essential preparation for numerical and verbal ability tests plus personality questionnaires, 3rd edition, Bryon, publ, Kogan Page, ISBN 0 7494 4852 0
  • How to Master Psychometric Tests, Parkinson, 3rd edition, publ, Kogan Page, ISBN 0 7494 4279 4
  • How to Master Personality Questionnaires, Parkinson, 2nd edition, publ, Kogan Page, ISBN 0 7494 3419 8

Electronic resources

  • GraduatesFirst offers free practice tests for Loughborough students. Students can access the tests by going to Lboro GraduatesFirst page and logging in with their university email address. Here you will gain access to many tests, be provided with your percentile score, and be shown correct answers and explanations. There is also a wealth of information and advice on the testing process and tips to maximise your scores.
  • GraduatesFirst also offers recruitment and assessment guides of 100+ top employers, including The Big 4; banks such as Barclays, HSBC, RBS and Goldman Sachs; Consultancies including Accenture, McKinsey, Grant Thornton, and many more.
  • The Saville and Holdsworth website has practice tests and other information.
  • The Job Test Prep website can prepare you for aptitide tests, personality tests, assessment centre exercises and job interviews.
  • The Get into teaching website has most of the information you need to become a teacher. This includes routes into teaching and the training you will need.