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‌HELM Workbooks Overview

HELM and Student

These 50 high quality Workbooks cover the basic engineering mathematics and statistics teaching for first and second year students in a typical UK undergraduate engineering degree course.

A significant effort has been made to ensure that the Workbooks are student focussed and contain examples of engineering applications of the mathematics and statistics.

Workbooks 1 - 34 contain mathematics material for engineering undergraduates.

Workbooks 35 - 46 contain probability and statistics material for engineering undergraduates.

Workbook 47 contains a miscellany of Mathematics and Physics related problems, including dimensional analysis.

Workbook 48 contains 20 in depth Engineering Case Studies.

Workbook 49 is a Student's Guide.

Workbook 50 is a Tutor's Guide.

For a list of all Workbook titles see HELM Workbook List. 

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