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Thermofluids Research Group

Thermofluids Research Group

The Thermofluids Group is engaged in a broad range of research activities in thermodynamics and fluid dynamics, heat transfer and combustion, with a strong emphasis on the application of computational modelling and advanced optical diagnostic methods.

The Group’s work covers industrially and environmentally relevant projects associated principally with the automotive, internal combustion engine, power and medical industries.

We have strong working partnerships with a wide range of industrial and research organisations, which include Caterpillar, DERA, EPSRC, ETI, Ford, Hardstaff, Jaguar Land Rover, Lotus, Perkins Engines and the Technology Strategy Board.

The Group has excellent optical diagnostics and CFD modelling laboratories for the study of thermofluid problems.

Facilities include an IC Engine Powertrain Laboratory (shared with Department of Aeronautical and Automotive Engineering) comprising 8 engine test cells emissions analysers, steady-state and fully transient dynamometers, multi-cylinder and optically accessed engines.

Group Academic staff

The work of the Group is further supported by

  • Doug Taylor, FREng, Visiting Professor in Thermofluids
  • Dr Gordon McTaggart-Cowan, Visiting Fellow