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Control Systems Research Group

The Control Systems Group has an established track record for applied research in control systems engineering which goes back more than 40 years.

Our research involves both theoretical and practical aspects of control and systems engineering. We focus upon the application of control and systems science and choose from a range of established theoretical techniques to provide solutions involving both simulation and technology demonstration. We have a number of industrial collaborations, in particular with the rail, aerospace, energy and automotive sectors.

General research areas

  • Modelling and simulation
  • Application of advanced control
  • Data fusion
  • Model-based estimation and control
  • System identification techniques
  • Mechatronics
  • Fault-tolerant and high-integrity systems
  • Condition monitoring
  • Robust control
  • Multivariable control
  • Algorithms and architectures for real-time controllers
  • Hardware-in-the-loop testing and experimentation

Application Areas

  • Rail - Rolling stock and infrastructure
  • Aerospace - Flight actuation, unmanned air vehicles, power systems
  • Automotive - Powertrains
  • Energy - Wind turbines, gasification, fusion power

The group are members of UKACC, will host Control 2014, and have representation on several IFAC Technical Committees. We are also members of RRUKA.

the people in the Control Systems Research Group

Academic Staff

Group Project Manager

Research Staff

  • Sam Bemment
  • Saikat Dutta
  • Tim Harrison
  • Maria Sarmiento-Carnevali

Research Students

  • Hasmawati Antong
  • Min Chen
  • Emma Ebinger
  • Samer Gowid
  • Nabilah Farhat
  • George Amarantidis-Koronaios

Visiting Researchers

Roger Dixon's publications in the central publications database

Roger Goodall's publications in the central publications database

Peter Hubbard's publications in the central publications database

Chris Ward's publications in the central publications database

Current Projects:

  • Health Monitoring for a Neutral Beam - Nuclear Fusion
  • High Redundancy Actuation - A novel type of actuator
  • Intelligent power management for Unmanned Vehicles
  • Onboard Detection of Low Adhesion (Rail)
  • Repoint 3 - Re-engineering Railway Track Switches
  • Actively Controlled Pantographs for Trollybuses

Recently Completed Projects:

  • Aircraft Centre of Gravity Estimation
  • Autonomous Regional Active Network Management System
  • Development of an Integrated Fault Tolerant Control System
  • Fault Detection in an Aircraft Fuel System
  • Repoint
  • IMS for Real-Time Control
  • Inerter for Active Suspension
  • Integrate Lateral and Tilt Control
  • Distributed Control Systems for Gas Turbine Engines - A systems approach to architectural optimisation
  • Non-Uniform Sampling Strategies for Control
  • Optimal Sensor Configuration
  • Prognostic Research
  • Smart Structures for Active Suspension
  • Supergen Wind
  • Technology and Control for Active Suspension
  • Wheel-Rail Profile Estimation