Phase-field modelling of complex solidification morphologies

  • 16 April 2021
  • 14.00-15.00
  • Online - MS Teams

Presented by Laszlo Granasy - Wigner Research Centre for Physics, Hungary

Abstract: Results from an orientation-field-based phase-field model will be reviewed. First I briefly present a phase-field model developed during the past decade that incorporates homogeneous and heterogeneous nucleation of growth centers, and several mechanisms for the formation of new grains at the perimeter of growing crystals, a phenomenon termed as growth front nucleation (GFN). This approach enables the modeling of complex polycrystalline structures including disordered ("dizzy") dendrites, crystal sheaves, spherulites, and fractal-like aggregates (Fig. 1). Possible control of solidification patterns via external fields, confined geometry, particle additives, scratching/piercing thin films, etc. via phase-field modeling will also be addressed. Microscopic aspects of GFN, quantitative simulations, and possible future directions will also be discussed briefly.

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