Sir David Wallace lecture series

In 2014 the Department of Mathematical Sciences launched a new series of annual lectures to invite prestigious mathematicians to Loughborough University to give a talk on the pioneering research. The lecture is named after the Vice-Chancellor of Loughborough University, 1994-2006.

The Sir David Wallace lectures will continue to be hosted by Loughborough University and the talks are aimed at a wide audience, including PhD students and Maths undergraduates.

Upcoming lectures


Previous Lectures

The inaugural 2014 SDW lecture: Professor Sir Michael Atiyah Solitons in Analysis, Geometry and Physics”.

The 2015 SDW lecture: Professor Sir Michael Berry “Nature’s optics and our understanding of light”.

The 2017 SDW lecture: Professor Cedric Villani Of triangles, gases, prices and men”.

The 2022 SDW lecture: Professor Sir David Spiegelhalter Can we believe all those Covid numbers in the news?

The 2023 SDW lecture: Professor James Maynard The magic of prime numbers”.