Sir David Wallace lecture series

In 2014 the Department of Mathematical Sciences launched a new series of annual lectures to invite prestigious mathematicians to Loughborough University to give a talk on the pioneering research. The lecture is named after the Vice-Chancellor of Loughborough University, 1994-2006.

The Sir David Wallace lectures will continue to be hosted by Loughborough University and the talks are aimed at a wide audience, including PhD students and Maths undergraduates.

Upcoming lectures

Tuesday 23rd May: The Annual Sir David Wallace Lecture will this year be given by Prof James Maynard (Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford), titled  “The Magic of Prime Numbers”.    

Previous Lectures

In 2014 Sir Michael Atiyah came to deliver the first Sir David Wallace Lecture. The award winning Mathematician, holder of the Fields Medal (1996) and Abel Prize (2004), presented his talk on 30 January titled: Solitons in Analysis, Geometry and Physics’.

The second Sir David Wallace Lecture was presented by Sir Michael Berry, on 13 March 2015. Most famously known for the Berry phase, his talk was titled ‘Nature’s optics and our understanding of light.’

The speaker for the 2017 lecture on Friday 20 January, was Professor Cedric Villani, University of Lyon. 

The 2019 lecture had to be cancelled last minute due to travel disruption and will be rearranged. Dr Richard Keesing from the University of York was going to talk on the history of Newton, Gravity and the Apple. Ahead of the lecture a clone of the apple tree at Woolsthorpe Manor was planted on University grounds. Read more about the 2019 lecture here.

The 2022 lecture was presented by Sir David Spiegelhalter, entitled: 'Can we believe all those Covid numbers in the news?'