Recent Advances in Quantum Many-Body Dynamics

This two-day workshop will take place at Burleigh Court.

Recent Advances in Quantum Many-Body Dynamics

The event will be held in the Wye conference room in Burleigh Court, in Loughborough University, on 29-30/08.


Stephen Clark (Bristol), Aydin Deger (UCL), Juan P. Garrahan (Nottingham), Adam Smith (Nottingham), Zlatko Papic (Leeds), Hanna Price (Birmingham), Sthitadhi Roy (ICTS-TIFR, Bengaluru), Petros Wallden (Edinburgh),


Tuesday 29/08

0930-1030: Papic: Quantum simulation of many-body scarring in a Bose-Hubbard optical lattice
1030-1130: Deger: TBA
1130-1200: coffee break
1200-1300: Clark: Giant rectification in strongly interacting tilted boundary driven systems
1300-1400: lunch
1400-1500: Wallden: Adiabatic quantum computing with parameterized quantum circuits
1500-1530: coffee break
1530-1630: Discussions

Workshop dinner: starting at 1800, at Burleigh Court

Tuesday 30/08

0930-1030: Garrahan: Hydrophobicity in deterministic circuits
1030-1130: Smith: Entanglement transitions in unitary circuit games
1130-1200: coffee break
1200-1300: Price: Quantum simulation in synthetic lattices
1300-1400: lunch
1400-1500: Roy: On the connection between dynamics on Hilbert/Fock space and spin autocorrelation
1500-1530: coffee break
1530-1630: End

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