Research and Innovation Committee

Composition and membership

Composition and membership 2022/23


Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation) (Chair) Professor Dan Parsons
Director, Research and Innovation Dr Maria Koufali 
Associate Pro Vice-Chancellor (Doctoral College) Professor Steve Christie
Head of Research Development Dr Kathryn Gillingham 
Head of Partnerships Development Kathryn Burchell
Head of IP Management and Commercialisation  Dr Nick Gostick
Senior Assistant Registrar (Doctoral College) Richie Emerson-Wood
AD&RI, School of Aeronautical, Automotive, Chemical and Materials Engineering Dr Karen Coopman
AD&RI, School of Business and Economics Professor Crispin Coombes
AD&RI, School of Science Professor Sergey Saveliev
AD&RI, School of Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering Professor Sergio Cavalaro
AD&RI, School of Design and Creative Arts Professor Rebecca Cain
AD&RI, School of Social Sciences and Humanities Professor Stephen Rice
AD&RI, Wolfson School of Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering Professor Anish Roy
AD&RI, School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences Professor Fehmidah Munir/Professor Paula Griffiths
AD&RI, Loughborough London Professor Andrew Chitty
Doctoral Research Representative JD Bhadra 
Secretary Chris Dunbobbin
In attendance: Martyn Edwards
Emma Walton
Frida Skytt
Angela Crawford
Jenny Walker
Lizzie Gadd