Annex 4 - Numbering Conventions for Formal Committee Agendas, Papers and Minutes

Committee Abbreviations

Each Committee has an abbreviated reference usually composed of 2, 3 or 4 letters which signifies its agendas, papers and minutes, e.g.

  • COUN Council
  • SEN Senate
  • SS Student Services Committee
  • SCI Science Faculty Board


Paper Numbering

Agendas and minutes are numbered as follows for each calendar year:

  • SEN05-A1 SEN05-M1 (first meeting)
  • SEN05-A2 SEN05-M2 (second meeting)
  • SEN05-A3 SEN05-M3 (third meeting)

Paper numbers are of a similar format and are numbered on a continuous basis commencing with the first paper for the first meeting of the calendar year:

SEN05-P1, SEN05-P2, SEN05-P3 etc. Please note that the paper numbers will not usually match the agenda item to which they relate.

Paper numbers should appear on the top right-hand corner of the first page of the paper itself. They should also appear on the agenda/minutes, immediately under their heading but before the action the committee is asked to take or the minute.

See examples in Annexes 5,6 and 7.


Numbering of Paragraphs within Agendas and Minutes

Agenda and minute paragraphs and sub-paragraphs should be numbered according to the following convention:


Begin at 1. for each meeting

1.1 Sub-heading
    (a) sub-heading
        (i) sub-heading


Sequential numbering for calendar year (Note: this will not match the agenda item numbers except for the first meeting of the year)Begin at 1. for each meeting

1.1 Sub-heading
    (a) sub-heading
        (i) sub heading


The use of indents and sub-headings may be helpful but can be avoided to save paper unless they aid understanding.