Annex 3 - Standard Items for Formal Committee Agenda

1. First Meeting of the Academic Year

1.1 Welcome any new members – not usually a formal item
1.2 Terms of Reference and Membership

To note the membership for xx academic year and consider the terms of reference and ensure they remain fit for purpose.

1.3 Key Issues

To consider the key issues for the Committee in the forthcoming academic year.

An initial paper from the chair and/or secretary may be helpful, depending on the nature of the committee.

1.4 Dates of meetings for current year


2. Every Meeting

2.1 Apologies for absence
2.2 Unstarring of starred items/notification of Any Other Business
2.3 Approval of Minutes/Report of previous meeting
2.4 Matters Arising/Actions from previous meeting
2.5 Check for items for formal approval by the Committee (Section B unless they require discussion [Section A])
2.6 Check for reports from sub-committees (Section C unless they require discussion [Section A] or have specific items for approval [Section B])


3. A meeting during the Year (usually)

3.1 Risk Management

To review the entries in the University’s Risk Register for areas covered by the Committee.

- This item will only be applicable to some committees. The review should take place during the year and in time for the updating of the University’s annual report to HEFCE on risk which is returned in the summer. For further information contact the Senior Financial Accountant with responsibility for risk.


4. Last Meeting of the Academic Year

4.1 Membership for next academic year (as far as is available) – starred item
4.2 Dates of all meetings in the next academic year – starred item
4.3 Thanks to any members leaving the committee – not usually a formal item