Creating Inclusive Communities.

Three people, a man and two women, of different races

AI will work for everyone.

AI is a tool. Like steam power, antibiotics or the internet, it can only work for everyone if its rollout is supported by comprehensive, transdisciplinary research, development and governance.

Its application, whether in sport, health and climate change, is critical to our shared future in predicting behaviours or outcomes - we can't afford not to embrace it.

See how we're utilising AI and cognitive technologies for a better world.
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Living. Not Just Surviving.

Shining a light on income inequality. The hidden costs of disability. The heart-rending challenge of end-of-life conversations.

At Loughborough, we address the inequities that are the principal barrier to a better, truly shared future. It's part of our lifeblood.

Learn what we're doing about it.
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