Partner with us in pursuit of greener.

We are a founding partner of the UK’s largest public sector sustainable manufacturing investments and home to one of Europe's largest Green Hydrogen research groups. We're pioneering carbon neutral facilities, a revolutionary approach to sustainable IT infrastructure, and dynamic ways of working fit for a green future.

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We take our commitment to sport seriously. Not just to our world-beating athletes, but the infrastructure, coaching and academic environment that allows them to thrive as sportspeople and future changemakers.

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Partner with us in pursuit of fairer.

From making waves in flood prevention to transforming the safeguarding landscape and championing inclusivity across every sector, our partnerships with public bodies, charities, enterprises and individuals strengthen, broaden and enrich global communities.

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Explore a world of opportunities with our partnerships team, no matter your preferred area to partner with us is. We have experts and teams across a range of fields to help the world become a better place, everywhere.