Time's up. Ready for change?

The climate crisis is real. It's long past time for action. But not every breakthrough in new technology, new systems or new thinking can be world-changing in isolation. All of us need to put the work in, whether it's building a green hydrogen plant or reducing our collective carbon footprint. Are you ready to be part of our solution?

History begins at the finish line.

Our sporting pedigree is about more than gold medals. It's about creating opportunity for all. Pursuing academic excellence alongside athletic achievement. Championing equity and inclusivity on the field and in the classroom. Nurturing minds and bodies equipped to lead the world. Are you up to the challenge?

An end to inequity starts here.

Inequity isn't a fact of life. Our mission is clear: where we see gaps, we bridge them. Where we see inequities, we challenge them. Access to opportunity is everyone's right, and your vision and drive should be the only limit to your achievements. Interested? Join us.

Do better with a degree at Loughborough.

We don't pretend we have all the answers. But we're working towards them. We believe in the power of the incremental as well as the monumental. Knowing our strengths and pushing ourselves harder.

Acknowledging when we fall down and getting up determined to be better. We're a place for risk-takers, for those with drive and determination to always push for better. If that's you, there's a place for you at Loughborough. We can't wait to meet you.