Empowering the planet.


The revolution will be decarbonised.

Innovations in technology and infrastructure may well be making us more comfortable, our lives more convenient, and our work more dynamic and flexible. But it's vital that these breakthroughs don't come at the expense of the planet.

The uncomfortable reality is that our digital-first, mobile lifestyle is taking a heavy toll on the environment. At Loughborough, we accept the reality and are working on the innovations to decarbonise modern life.

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Clean energy will empower the planet.

We recognise the urgency of the climate crisis, reaching Net Zero and meeting Sustainable Development Goals. Equally important are the pressing economic needs of our communities and families.

Worldwide, the health and welfare of millions of women and girls is deteriorating due to reliance on wood or charcoal for domestic cooking. So we're at the forefront of developing sustainable alternatives.

Closer to home, the UK is looking to green hydrogen hubs to meet our future energy needs. We've laid the groundwork to turn the East Midlands into a nexus of clean energy.

At Loughborough, we're all about empowering both people and planet.

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