How the higher and further education sector can help the creative industries and technology to collide

Dr Allan Watson will be working on an exciting new research initiative funded by the Royal Anniversary Trust, which will examine how UK further and higher education institutions can foster connections between the creative industries and technology sectors.

Dr Allan Watson, Reader in Economic Geography will be working as part of a team of researchers brought together by Erskine Analysis to undertake a Coronation Challengeproject developed by the Royal Anniversary Trust in partnership with the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS).

The Coronation Challenge brings together the 2023 winners of The Queen’s Anniversary Prizes to explore how emerging technologies can accelerate the growth of the UK’s Creative Industries sector, with a particular focus on the key role of tertiary education in driving innovation. This year-long research initiative is part of the UK Government’s 2023 Sector Vision initiative, a landmark investment to stimulate growth in the Creative Industries sector.

The Challenge group will be exploring the future needs of further and higher education institutions to support growth in their local and national creative sectors and, more broadly, to achieve greater economic, social and environmental impact. The project aims to provide a roadmap to sustainable, equitable growth in the Creative Industries sector driven by the UK’s world leading educational institutions.

Dr Watson, who has previously led creative industries-focused research and knowledge-transfer projects funded by a range of organisations including Innovate UK, Research Councils UK, the British Academy and the Royal Geographical Society commented: “This project represents a unique opportunity for industry, further and higher education institutions and policy leaders to work together to develop initiatives that benefit everyone working in the rapidly evolving area of technology and innovation in the UK’s creative industries. It’s a very exciting time to be undertaking applied research in this area.”

Michael Hoyler, Head of Geography and Environment added: “I am delighted to see Allan’s continuing success in driving impactful research on and with the creative industries. This latest project sits at the intersection of creative industries, technology and tertiary education and promises significant new insights into the productive use of their synergies.”

For more on Dr Watson’s research, read his Research and Impact profile here.