Montana-based ecologist joins Loughborough to further research on the effect of invasive crayfish on rivers

Lindsey Albertson has recently received a Fulbright scholarship which will enable her to travel to Loughborough to expand her research on how invasive crayfish alter fine sediment dynamics and insects in rivers.

Set to arrive in Spring 2023, Lindsey will give guest lectures at Loughborough on her research as well as developing the current work she does with Professor Stephen Rice, School Associate Dean for Research and Professor of River Science at Loughborough.

They work alongside Loughborough graduate, Harry Sanders, on an experiment running in both the UK and the US that tests if crayfish of the same species but different source populations affect rivers differently. So far, their findings show that crayfish burrow deeper in the US.

Lindsey has also been accepted onto the Institute of Advanced Studies Visiting Fellow Programme.

She said: “I'm extremely excited and honoured to have this opportunity to spend time at such an esteemed institution. I'm looking forward to new perspectives on animal-sediment interactions, geomorphology, and ecology; and I am grateful to the Fulbright Program, IAS, and Dr Rice for hosting me while I'm in England.”