‘Children living in pandemic times’ - Special Viewpoint Collection

Reader in Human Geography, Dr Louise Holt, has co-edited a special viewpoint collection on children living in pandemic times.

The special viewpoint collection co-edited by Dr Louise Holt“Children living in pandemic times: a geographical, transnational and situated view”, appears in the international journal Children’s Geographies.

The special collection is co-edited by Susana Cortés-Morales, Louise Holt, Jenny Acevedo-Rincón, Stuart Aitken, Danielle Ekman Ladru, Tanja Joelsson, Peter Kraftl, Lesley Murrayand Gabriela Tebet. The editorial outlines how the collection aims “to present a transnational general picture of the COVID-19 situation for children” but also “make a call for childhood researchers particularly focused on children's geographies, to collaboratively approach this unprecedented situation.”

The collection hosts articles focused on 11 countries, including a contribution by Dr Louise Holt and Dr Lesley Murray from a UK perspective, as well as viewpoints on the landscape of childhood and COVID-19 in Australia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Germany, Indonesia, New Zealand, South Africa, Sweden and the United States.

Dr Holt is currently Editor-in-Chief of Children's Geographies, an international peer-reviewed journal that publishes leading research and scholarship relating to children, young people and families.