TOAD - NERC Standard Grant Success for Dr Matt Baddock

Many congratulations to Matt Baddock who is Co-I on a NERC Standard Grant project – The Origin of Aeolian Dunes (TOAD) – which will last for three years.

The project was also successful in the NERC-NSF (with US NSF) collaborative programme, which involves partners at Universities of Notre Dame and Illinois-Champaign Urbana. The total value of the project is £793k, with the Loughborough component receiving £101k.

The project is being led by Dr Joanna Nield (Southampton) and also involves Professor Giles Wiggs (Oxford). The NSF participants are Professor Kenneth Christensen (Notre Dame) and Professor Jim Best (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), plus there are a number of non-academic project partners (a UN World Heritage Site, Shell, NASA and the RGS).