Two successful research conferences hosted by Loughborough Geographers

Two large international conferences were hosted by Geography and Environment at Loughborough University this month.

First, the 3rd International Conference on Geographies of Education, led by Dr Heike Jöns, took place between Monday 3rd – Wednesday 5th September 2018. The first two international conferences were held in Loughborough in 2010 and 2012 with the aim of enhancing understanding of the performances, practices, and processes that shape education and learning from distinctively geographical research perspectives. In large part fuelled by these conferences, new geographies of education and learning have become a vibrant intra- and inter-disciplinary as well as international field of research. This is reflected in over 60 delegates attending the recent three-day event – including many return visitors as well as people attending for the first time.

Second, we hosted a very successful two-day postgraduate conference on “Nations and Nationalism”, organised by Dr Marco Antonsich, Peny Sotiropoulou, Leila Wilmers and Cuomu Zhaxi (in Social Sciences). The event had a strong interdisciplinary focus and garnered support from across campus via LUNN – the Loughborough University Nationalism Network.