MSc Student Success

Matt Youngs, who graduated with a first-class degree in July 2018 and is starting our MSc programme this October has recently been awarded a £1500 grant from the British Hydrological Society to support his MSc studies/research in collaboration with Dr David Ryves.

Ethan Silvester – a current MSc student - and Dr Andy Pledger have been awarded £3,250 from the “Fishmongers company”. The award is an academic sponsorship to help support Ethan’s MSc student project titled “Impacts of Water Injection Dredging on benthic motile diatom assemblages in a tidal river”.

This project links to the larger EPSRC/IDB-funded project which Dr Dapeng Yu, Dr David Ryves, Prof. Paul Wood and Matthew Johnson (University of Nottingham, formerly Loughborough University) are involved in.