Louis’s short film attracts thousands of views and several accolades

Alumnus Louis Chan has recently released a short film on YouTube, and within two weeks he amassed more than 120,000 views.

Stationary was produced in 2019 ready for the 2020 film festival season following a period of crowdfunding in 2018. With cancellations and postponements, Louis and the team partnered with Fully Focused Productions to launch the film on their YouTube channel, Million Youth Media.

Louis said:

“Film festivals can take months to get back to you and with so much COVID-19 uncertainty, we didn't want to lose the momentum we had been building up. We had screened at the BFI, BAFTA qualifying festivals and even managed to pick up some awards, so, when festivals started to be postponed and then cancelled, we had little choice but to do an online release.”

The film is about two best friends with a troubled past and takes place over the course of one afternoon is a car park. A friendly reunion turns violent and leaves friendships hanging in the balance.

Featuring up-and-coming actors Aaron Ward Thomas, Rebekah Murrell and Xavien Russell, who between them have credits including EastEnders, Myths and The Roman Mysteries and The Watchman, the film has received several accolades.

Stationary was officially selected for the Carmarthen Bay Film and Fastnet Film festivals 2020 amongst others and won the Performance Short Film Competition 2019.

This is just one in a line of films and projects Louis has worked on in recent years. He has worked on everything from documentaries to fashion commercials and short films and worked with clients such as Budweiser, WeTransfer and Microsoft. He is currently working on a new short, Help Me Brother, and a short comedy series in partnership with the BBC Writersroom.

Louis graduated in 2013 with a degree in English with a minor in North American Literature and Film.

Find out more about Stationary online.