A Walk through Loughborough's Cinema History with Andrew Dix

Because of coronavirus, Loughborough's cinemas currently lie empty and silent. While we wait for them to be lively again, this podcast recaptures the vivid history of the town's film-watching from the end of the nineteenth century to the present

Andrew Dix takes a walk not only to the Odeon and Cineworld that are still thriving, but to Loughborough's several 'ghost cinemas': those sites, now put to other uses, where townspeople once gathered to watch films. We will hear about the Victory, the Playhouse and Vint's Electric Hippodrome - and about the community's film-viewing even before the coming of purpose-built cinemas.

This podcast was produced as part of Arts Week, an exciting and diverse programme of online events from Loughborough University's creative community. View the full programme of events